Lostscape spoilers and hints

This page shows spoiler for Lostscape – the LOST game on ABC.com.

I clicked on items in this order. At some point (I’m not sure if it’s random or not) you’ll get a chance to enter a sweepstakes for a trip to San Diego to meet with Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

Here’s the list:

  1. Message Bottle

  2. Plane Engine

  3. Knives

  4. Wheelchair

  5. Sawyer’s Tent

  6. Bottle of Maccutcheon

  7. Graveyard

  8. Baby Cradle

  9. Guitar

  10. Ping Pong

  11. Tape Recorder (on the white chair)

  12. Click the dog whistle…

  13. … and then quickly click the dog to get – “Vincent”

  14. Golf bag

  15. Smoke Monster

  16. Transceiver


  18. Van

  19. Cockpit

  20. Black Rock

  21. Waterfall

  22. Scroll back and click the third cross in the graveyard, click and hold the key, scroll right and let the key drop over the “Halliburton case” to open it

  23. Inside the Halliburton case is a “Toy Plane”

  24. Click the Black Rock to reveal “Dynamite” …

  25. …Click on the bushes near the trees to reveal “The Swan”…

  26. … Grab the Dynamite, SLOWLY drag it to “The Swan” and drop it to reveal “SWAN HATCH” video

  27. Click on the plane cabin and the “Pilot” is revealed

  28. Drug Plane

  29. Click on Drug Plane to reveal “Virgin Mary” statue

  30. A “Heroin Bag” drops out of the Virgin Mary statue

  31. Click on the van two things pop out. One is “Dharma Beer”…

  32. …The other thing is a skeleton – “Roger”

  33. Comic Book

  34. Click on the black smoke to reveal “Signal Fire Smoke

This leads to a message that says “Congratulations, You have discovered all Lostscape items… So far.”

That’s it!

UPDATE – 5/1/08

A new item has been added: A razor, at the far left end of the beach. Clicking on it reveals a scene showing Jack and Juliet talking about Jack’s planned operation!

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