1 am to 2 am

1 am – Jack’s with Audrey and she’s going to have one heck of a dry cleaning bill. Secretary Devane calls his agent’s phone, and tells Jack to get the recording. Jack says “Duh!” and points out that Secretary Devane wasn’t exactly on his side when Jack first asked him for help. Jack hangs up his Jack Phone but looks tempted to send an electrical shock to Devane.

1:01 – Jack calls Bill, and Bill lets him know that Chloe has been arrested by homeland security, so naturally it was easy for her to escape. Chloe acts a bit coy when Jack asks her to hack into the system…for about a second, and then says she’ll hack the subnet by rewriting the rules for iptables and using a buffer overrun bug to break in through sshd. Jack says….”Uh….ok”. She’s going to set up a link straight to the Jack Phone. Jack and Audrey leave, as Jack talks to Chloe.

1:03 – Chloe completely disses Bills Commodore 64, but says it’ll work. Chloe immediately tracks Robocop.

1:05 – Jack and Audrey drive off in a police car, and Jack thinks Robocop didn’t destroy the recording because it would be great for a “24’s Greatest Bloopers” recap show.

1:06 – Manilow calls Robocop, and wants to know why the recording hasn’t been destroyed yet. Robocop tells him that he needs “insurance”, and Manilow tells him he could have gotten a deal from President Allstate but it’s a little late now. Robocop points out that he doesn’t want to end up like Weasel, and Manilow basically admits that Weasel DIDN’T commit suicide! Manilow says it’s because he’s seen the rest of the “24” script, but Robocop isn’t buying it. He hangs up on Manilow.

1:07 – Chloe calls Jack, and Jack’s gaining on him. The road gets curvy, and Jack turns off his lights because it’s more dramatic. Jack uses his car to ram Robocop off the road into a storage shed full of fertilizer, which Jack doesn’t shoot because they’ve done enough of that already this season. Jack catches up with Robocop, and gets Robo to drop his gun.

1:08 – Robocop says if he dies, Secretary Devane will die. Apparently, Robocop has had one of his fleet of silent black helicopters following Devane this whole time, which would explain the extreme amount of wind blasting directly down on every scene that Devane has been in. Audrey hears this whole thing, and she threatens to bleed all over Robocop. Jack gets Robocop to handcuff himself.

1:09 – Jack calls Chloe and asks to see images of Devane’s car on his Jack Phone. Jack calls Devane, and asks if he notices a helicopter next to him. Devane notices that someone seems to have a laser pointer on him and starts trying to swat it away. Jack tells him it’s probably a rifle from the helicopter.

1:10 – Jack tells Robocop to call his men off, and that he’ll let Robocop go. Robocop thinks that Jack is bluffing.

1:11 – Devane insists that Jack NOT give into what Robocop wants, asks Jack to tell Audrey that he loves her, and DRIVES OFF A CLIFF. Devane hits a button on the dashboard has the car goes over in an attempt to start the rocket boosters, and he realizes too late those are in his OTHER Secretary of Defense car.

1:12 – Jack goes nuts and whips up on Robocop, who won’t tell him where the recording is. Jack pulls his gun, and Audrey is in the background saying “Do it! Do it!” Jack smacks Robocop with his gun.


1:18 – Manilow is going crazy on the phone with “Graham”, who looks suspiciously like a Hollywood writer, and tells him that they shouldn’t go after Robocop because he still has the recording. They have a short hissy fit at each other, and they make up shortly afterwards. Graham says that Manilow’s wife has been up to something with Aaron, and that Manilow’s wife has become a “problem” and that she must be “silenced”. Graham says “kiss kiss!”, hangs up by pulling off his ear piece, looking annoyed.

1:20 – Mrs. Manilow is looking for Aaron, and another agent says he’s been undercover as a cell phone. The agent says there has been a glitch in the software (where’s Chloe when you need her?), and more agents come into the room. They want her to go with them to Manilow. They lock her into a room and none of the phones work, and she looks mad because she wants a pizza.

1:21 – Jack calls Chloe and says that Robocop doesn’t have the recording. Chloe and Bill figure out that Robocop handed off the recording to someone else that’s been driving around during the curfew, and that car is back at the airport. The driver of that car has major frequent flier points, because even though there’s a curfew, the plane is going to take off soon. Jack asks about Curtis, who has been mysteriously missing for the last few shows.

1:23 – Audrey tells Jack to go after the recording, and Jack hands her a gun. Jack tries to joke that it’s a good thing she’s not left handed. Jack goes to leave, and BINGO! Audrey cries.


1:28 – Creepy tells Haig that the transfer of CTU to homeland security is complete, two hours early. He seems pretty smug until Haig points out that two hours ago Chloe was hacking systems left and right all around him. She’s also not buying this whole thing with Manilow’s orders about Jack.

1:29 – Some blond homeland woman calls Haig and tells her that Chloe seems to be missing, and Creepy freaks out about having been up-ed by Chloe AGAIN. They think Scary Shari has something to do with it, and a guard GRABS SHARI BY THE ARM. Shari tells him that has “lawsuit” written all over it.

1:30 – Haig wants to find Chloe, and Creepy helpfully points out that she’ll probably contact Jack (duh!). Creepy thinks Chloe will try and use CTU resources, and all she’d need is a roll of twine, three cans of beer, and a hamster to do it. Haig orders a lock down of all hamsters. Creepy thinks he can find Chloe using the vast network of cameras he uses to spy on women.

1:31 – Haig confronts Scary Shari, and says that Shari’s in a lot of trouble. Shari spills the story that Chloe told her, and says it’s crazy and that she’s an authority on crazy.

1:32 – Manilow goes into Mrs. Manilow’s room and says they need to talk. He spends the next 15 seconds not talking. Then he says that what happened to Allstate wasn’t supposed to happen….that he was just going to order a little extra life insurance and that everything just blew out of control from there. Manilow admits that Allstate’s killer works for him, and Mrs. Manilow goes nuts. Manilow says that this whole thing was a terrible mistake, she agrees until she realizes he meant killing Allstate, not being on “24”. She leaves to find that pizza.


1:40 – Someone with a REALLY bad accent is talking to Graham and is worried that everything isn’t going how things were planned. It appears to be a meeting of the writers of “24”.

1:41 – Manilow calls Graham, and Graham gives Manilow a dressing down. Manilow, in true hand bag style, takes it.

1:42 – Robocop is waking up chained to a pole, and tries to talk his way out of what’s going on with Audrey. He tries to convince her that Devane may still be alive under in the car. Audrey asks if he thinks she’s stupid, and Robocop looks like he REALLY wants to say “yes”.

1:44 – Jack’s back at the airport. Chloe calls Jack and tells him that the stealth helicopter is headed to Audrey. Jack wants the pictures uploaded to his Jack Phone. Jack wants her to leave, and she doesn’t leave right away. The suspiciously identical helicopter lands.

1:46 – They’re looking for Audrey, and while sneaking around Audrey catches Curtis by putting his hand over her mouth. Lots of shooting of secondary characters, and Robocop is captured. Audrey calls Jack on the Jack Phone.

1:47 – Jack tells Curtis to get Audrey to CTU, exactly where Robocop is heading. No one seems to think that Audrey and Robocop being in the same building will be any problem whatsoever.

1:48 – Chloe has figured out that the plane is a diplomatic flight and has the underwear size of everyone on board the plane. They’re trying to figure out who on that flight

1:49 – Jack jumps onto a passing gas truck that’s headed for the plane with a huge gas can. Jack’s not thrilled with gas prices either.


1:53 – Gas truck at the security check point. They check UNDER the truck, and completely ignore the ladder leading up to the top. As he passes a food truck, Jack jumps onto it, looking pained that he’s leaving all that gas behind. No one sees him stand up on the tanker to make the jump.

1:54 – The Jack Phone goes off! Jack doesn’t have vibrate on this phone because even if it did go off in a situation where he didn’t want to be caught (like this one), Jack could figure his way out of it. It’s Bill, and he has no idea if they can stop the plane. Chloe can’t break in past the firewall!

1:55 – Creepy is stalking Chloe via the Internet. He finds her and he calls Haig to brag about it. Haig just wants to know where they are. They know about Bill’s house!

1:56 – Haig calls someone. It’s Cheney looking Guy. She’s confused, and wants to know who’s seen the evidence about what’s going on. CLG says that the president is taking his on advice, and even Haig think that’s weird. CLG says “It’s been a strange night”. The words “UNDERSTATEMENT” flash under the screen.

1:57 – Haig calls BILL! She wants to help Chloe and tells him to get them out of there. Chloe won’t leave until she helps Jack!

1:59 – Jack climbs down off the food truck, smells his coat and almost barfs because it smells like airline food. Using the hood on his jacket as an invisibility cloak, Jack makes a run for the baggage car, grabs some bags and walks into the plane’s baggage compartment! Airport security ain’t what it used to be.

2:00 – Time’s up!

Next week: CLG confronts Manilow! Jack takes a page from Harrison Ford in “Air Force One”! Mrs. Manilow doesn’t know what to do! We find out how much plane Jack could hijack if Jack could hijack a plane!

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