10 am to 11 am

The following occurred between 10am and 11am

10:07 – A HOBBIT, dressed up in a suit, showed up at CTU, and took over Bill’s office. I think he called him “Bilbo”. He’s suspicious of Jack, which as we know, is very foolish. His human name is “Lynn McGill”.

10:11 – Jack scraps the plan, and is in a Flank 2 position. I think if Dave looks around RIGHT NOW, he might actually be see Jack too. If this is the “bookstore” Dave is being held at, he’s safe.

10:17 – Phone calls all around. It appears that CTU and the terrorists are all using the same type of Motorola phones. This could have all be averted if they had just seen each other at the phone store.

10:19 – The Hobbit wants to see all the paper work. This could be a “Trickesy or Falses”, if you catch my drift.

10:20 – Audrey isn’t in tears. Something is very wrong.

10:21 – STS is less S than usual.

10:22 – President Manilow looks worried

10:23 – The WEASEL is threatening Mrs. Manilow’s assistant, Ellen.

10:24 – Mrs. and President Manilow are making goo-goo eyes at each other, and the guy at the podium must have overheard because he gave them the evil eye.

10:25 – Chloe looks mad. And worried. And like the STS.

10:30 – Head terrorist guy is watching at least two TVs, and keeps mugging next to the TV screen. If he turned around, he’d realize he’s 2 inches away from it.

10:31 – The Hobbit just asked about the One Ring, and is now calling Jack “Frodo”.

10:32 – Chloe just told the Hobbit he has “access” to “volume 5″….if you know what I mean.

10:33 – WEASEL guy is on the podium. Who gives these jokers clearance?

10:34 – Terrorists found the baggage claim guy that killed himself when Jack was asking about baggage.

10:35 – Terrorist lackey at the airport just handed off a card to a guy in a blue suit with a yellow tie, Jack noticed, and from the look on Jack’s face he’s not impressed by Stylish Terrorist choice of yellow tie.

10:39 – Jack’s still in a Flank 2 position. No sign of Dave.

10:40:36 – Sixty seconds until the bomb goes off.

10:41:10 – The Hobbit says that Jack is under a dress.

10:41:15 – Check that… under “duress”.

10:41:34 – Phew! Just turned off the bomb.

10:42 – Terrorist lackey mad that the bomb hasn’t gone off yet.

10:43 – Edgar can recognize Jack’s ring tone.

10:44 – Head terrorist guy still needs lights in his office.

10:45:01 – Head terrorist guy tells terrorist lackey to kill the hostages.

10:45:03 – Bomb explodes

10:45:04 – CTU agents tackle a Pepsi machine and start shooting.

10:45:20 – Jack shoots terrorist lackey in the arm instead of the leg when terrorist lacky tries to shoot himself in the head.

10:45:22 – Terrorist lackey crawls to a downed terrorist, forgetting that he was just shot in the arm, not the leg.

10:45:24 – Terrorist lackey detonates the bomb, and explodes into a thousand pieces of paper! TERRORIST LACKEY WAS MADE OF PAPER!

10:46 – President Manilow takes credit for the rescue operation.

10:46:30 – STS is pretty freaked out. He gets a “Jack Hug”. Jack reminds him if he would have just brought a shovel along, like Barooz, STS could have taken the terrorists out.

10:47 – Jack instantly counts the number of hostages ala “Rain Man”, and announces that Stylish Terrorist is missing.

10:51 – STS and NGF are AOK and going to CTU ASAP.

10:53 – Mrs. Manilow wants President Manilow alone.

10:54 – President Manilow is a dork. Repeat President Manilow is a dork.

10:55 – The Hobbit still doesn’t believe “Frodo” didn’t kill “Gandalf”. He wants to see “Frodo” at CTU right now.

10:56 – Stylish Terrorist guy finds more terrorists, and crawls down into a hole with a BIG metal box. How did airport security missed a BIG HOLE in the ground like that? This is where they store the baggage at the airport, so no one ever goes there.

Gas masks. Scary canisters. I can’t tell from the labels, but from the way they’re handling those canisters, they’re tapes of “Skating with Celebrities”.

10:59 – Mrs. Manilow gets chloroformed, and the Weasel takes an Inspector Eight tag from inside Mrs. Manilow’s blouse.

PREVIEW OF NEXT WEEK – Jack shoots someone in the shoulder, thereby making it impossible for them to walk.

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