11 am to 12 pm

The following occurred between 11 am and 12 pm

11:01 – Stylish terrorist has a UPS truck disguised as a catering truck. The canisters are full of airline food! These terrorists are nastier than I thought!

11:04 – Mrs. Manilow has a jewel bolted to her neck!

11:05 – Dead rats. They must have gotten the airline food.

11:07 – Stylish Terrorist had time to change clothes.

11:08 – Whoa! Weasel Guy is GOODWIN from LOST! How the heck did he get off the island? He was dead! Is Weasel Guy a zombie?

11:10 – Mrs. Manilow – “It was hidden in my blouse! It’s gone! Someone stole it from me!” …. Wait! Someone stole her blouse???

11:12 – Goodwin has a guy inside CTU! I bet it’s Ethan. He was dead on LOST too. Zombies like to hang out together.

11:17 – They’re painting rats! These lab guys need a better hobby.

11:18 – Chloe wants Edgar to “finish the shell script”. Geesh, these LA people ALL have scripts they’re working on.

11:19 – The Hobbit wants to see if there’s a signature on the nerve gas. …Like they’d sign their work. Geesh

11:20 – Nerve gas! Goodwin has a finger on his lip….he’s about to ask for “one meeeeeeellion” dollars.

11:22 – New CTU guy is a bad guy too! I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you. Shocked.

11:23 – The hobbit believes in Jack! He wants Audrey to interview NGF and STS to see if they know anything about Gollum.

11:28 – Jack is back at CTU, and the hobbit takes custody and a swig of brandywine.

11:31 – Audrey is asking personal questions, and NGF called her on it! Audrey looks like she’s gonna cry.

11:32 – Yikes. Jack is standing outside the interrogation room, just staring!. He’s stalking Audrey *and* NGF at the same tiime! That’s our Jack!

11:34 – Goodwin wants the first lady’s clothes.

11:35 – Chloe needs to get into New CTU Guy’s “utilties volume”.

11:36 – New CTU Guy is level 3! He was using Level 5! You know what that means? Neither do I.

11:37 – New CTU Guy is letting his friends into CTU, through the basement security guards.

11:39 – The old “convert-a-flashlight-into-a-gun” trick!

11:43 – Mrs Manilow thinks she’s going to the funny farm.

11:44 – New CTU guy is locked out, and the RED SHIRT security guards take New CTU guy to Bill. (Don’t these guys watch Star Trek?)

11:46 – Chloe is REALLY mad. New CTU guy is trying to act brave. I hope Bill lets Chloe loose on him.

11:47 – President Manilow walks into the bathroom, goes to the bathtub curtain, and finds Mrs. Manilow has taken the bathtub, climbed out a window, and left a chair behind.

11:53 – The Hobbit is trying to figure out who wanted to frame Jack.

11:54 – Tony’s awake! The doctor says he wants to talk to Jack.

11:54 – STS takes Audrey’s lead and talks to Jack at a badly timed moment.

11:55 – Oh oh….New CTU guy was tracking Jack.

11:57 – Jack killed the doctor for lying about Tony being awak

11:59 – New CTU guy was working for the White House! Goodwin wanted Jack killed!

NEXT WEEK: President Manilow is STILL clueless.

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