12 pm to 1 pm

The following occurred between 12 pm and 1 pm

12:01 pm – Jack gets a debriefing from Rudy (Yes, the Rudy from the Notre Dame movie). Rudy is going to let Jack an end run around CTU, since Jack is, technically, …well, Jack Bauer.

12:02 pm – Audrey’s bringing up satellite data, and staring off into space. At least she’s not crying.

12:04 pm – Weasel’s on the phone with MGIDR (Mysterious Guy in Dark Room), and MGIDR wants to know if Jack is dead. (Ha! Amateur!)

12:05 pm – Stylish Terrorist is in a truck on a loading dock talking to another terrorist guy about the canisters.

12:06 pm – Mike Novak (Bald White House Guy) is showing home movies…. No wait, it’s a terrorist movie of a guy with the effects of waiting “Skating with Celebs”, and the guy dies a horrible death. No wait, it’s the gas.

12:07 pm – Mike takes a phone call from Jack. Jack tells him about Weasel. Jack’s going to meet him in 15 minutes! To the Bauermobile!

12:08 pm – NGF and STS are leaving CTU, and Jack breaks up with NGF. NGF has caught on about Audrey.

12:09 pm – MGIDR intercepted the phone call from Jack! Weasel knows about it! He wants Weasel to kill Jack!

12:14 pm – Mrs. Manilow was hiding in the stables, and she’s rambling about a talking horse.

12:15 pm – One of the terrorist guys is messing with the canisters and unlock codes. Stylish catches him coming out of the cargo container, and is suspicious of what that guy was doing in there messing with the canisters. Oh oh.

12:17 pm – NGF asks Audrey about her “feelings” for Jack, and tells Audrey Jack has “feelings” for Audrey! Audrey calls Jack. WHAT is it with Audrey calling at inappropriate times??? Jack has five minutes to get to the rendevous point! She asks whether Jack is going back with NGF. Jack doesn’t know.


12:18 pm – President Manilow talks to Secret Service guy who wants to tell him about Mrs. Manilow and STILL doesn’t believe her.

12:20 pm – Weasel Boy walks in to President Manilow’s room admits he knew about the nerve gas to President Manilow! He tells him that they’ll release the nerve gas once it gets to the terrorist camp. He tells President Manilow that it’s the proof they need to show there were weapons of mass destruction in Central Asia, besides American Idol William Hung, that is.

President Manilow doesn’t believe what’s happening! What is it going to take to make him believe ANYTHING?

Weasel grabs Manilow! Weasel says they’re doing this for oil, and groupies! But mostly oil! Ok, oil, groupies and money! Maybe just oil.

Manilow stands up to him! Calls him a traitor! Weasel admits he knew about President All State! Weasel wants Manilow to go along
with the plan so Manilow’s legacy can be kept in place. What’s a president to do? He could ask Mrs. Manilow, but he wouldn’t believe her either.

12:29 – Jack’s waiting and watching using the trusty Jack Telescope. Mike Novak comes out to meet him.

12:30 – Helicopters! Jack is surrounded! They caught Jack! Jack looks mad!

12:31 – Weasel and President Manilow are talking about what to do to Mike Novak. Weasel wants CTU out of the way! President Manilow is going along with the plan! What a goofball!

12:33 – The head secret service guy sees Jack, and finds out that Weasel ordered it.

12:34 – Rudy says that the White House has sent in a new play. Bill just dissed Rudy by telling Rudy he doesn’t have experience. Rudy looks mad but goes along with it.

12:35 – Mrs. Manilow has been taking Audrey lessons. She’s crying.

12:38 – Head Secret Service Guy & Jack are talking… Jack tells him about Weasel ordering the killing of President All State.

12:43 – Head Secret Service Guy tells him Jack escaped!

12:44 – Jack is kicking Weasel’s butt!

12:45 – President Manilow tries to call for help! Says he know about President All State. Head Secret Service Guy cut the phones! He can’t call out!

12:46 – Jack pulls a knife on Weasel! Jack’s about to cut Weasel’s eyes out! Weasel gives up the info!

12:47 – Long Beach Harbor, 2:30pm. Call to CTU…. Everything’s fine. CTU is still on the case.

12:48 – Jack gives himself up, so does Head Secret Service guy.

12:48 – President Manilow says Jack is a “problem” (because of the China thing last show). Jack says he’ll disappear. Manilow agrees.

12:53 – Mrs. Manilow is headed out in a limo…. President Manilow FINALLY believes her. Now SHE doesn’t believe HIM! He tells her it’s Weasel’s fault. Mrs. Manilow is MAD! (Really mad!)

12:55 – Rudy talks to Chloe about the cargo shipping schedule. Edgar shows up with the exact number of the cargo container.

12:57 – They’ve already got a SWAT team at the cargo container. They open it, and there’s a dead guy in there. It was the guy Stylish was with.

12:58 – The containers are MISSING! Weasel is back. He recognized that the dead guy is an agent of theirs. The terrorists have reprogrammed the detenators!

12:59 – Stylish says “Your country is about to pay a very steep price!” NO! NOT MORE “SKATING WITH CELEBS”!!!

Next week – Jack shoots people!

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