2 pm to 3 pm

2:00 – Rudy is back in the locker room at CTU, after getting tackled in the parking lot. Bill tells Rudy that the terrorists want to contact sleeper cells. Rudy suggests a “Hail Mary Pass”, and “Dumping Gatorade on the coach”.

2:01 – Stylish calls Jack, doesn’t recognize Jack on the phone. Apparently Jack’s “Hello” sounds Russian.

2:02 – Jack calls CTU for permission (Jack? Permission??) Jack plans on delivering the chip himself! Permission? Jack must think he’ll have a chance to shoot someone.

2:03 – Stylish is still at the garage with a terrorist working on the canisters. Where the heck are the people that “were still at lunch” from that garage last hour?

2:05 – Manilow and Cheney-Looking-Guy (CLG) want to say that Weasel was “despondent” and killed himself when he found out there’s two more weeks of Celebrity Skating. Manilow thinks Mrs. Manilow won’t like that, and wants to ask her permission. CLG suggests the old “bird shot” tick on Mrs. Manilow.

2:07 – Mrs. Manilow, having almost been locked away in the funny farm, is using her Mac very calmly. Her assistant wants to ask all kinds of questions about Weasel, and Mrs. Manilow is the person she comes to for advice?

2:09 – Jack’s on the bewilderingly empty L.A. streets, in a parking garage, waiting for the drop. A van pulls up.

2:10 – Audrey takes off her glasses, primed and ready to cry.

2:10 – TWO guys get out of the car… Jack doesn’t like surprises, and says so. Terrorist says they’re doing a two for one deal.

2:11 – Jack goes to install the chip, Chloe is telling him what to do. Take the bad chip on, put the good chip in, and shake it all about.

2:12 – Terrorists hit Jack and throw him in the van! They want him to come with to “be sure”. Bad choice terrorists!

2:13 – They’re letting him take Jack! Rudy wants them to follow, but not take Jack! Bill at CTU says “Jack can handle it.” Boy, that’s an understatement.

2:18 – Mrs. Manilow is MAD that the press release about Weasel calls him a “hero”, and confronts Manilow about it. CLG tries to excuse himself for that “pointy bird bringing down thing” which he wants to show Mrs. Manilow.

2:19 – She threatens to tell everyone about Weasel. Manilow tells her to tell Weasel’s wife the truth first….and she says she will.

2:21 – Terrorist guy tells Jack that Stylish wants to do a “field test”

2:22 – Chloe says that the target is Sunrise Hills Mall! THEY’RE GOING TO ATTACK THE BOOKSTORE AT THE MALL! DAVE! GO IN FLANK TWO POSITION!

2:22 – Terrorist guys find a parking space immediately. Fake! Fakefakefakefake FAAAAKE!

2:23 – CTU is putting agents at the front doors of the mall. If they’re really good, they’ll look like mall cops… the terrorists wouldn’t suspect being stopped by those guys.

2:24 – Rudy want CTU agents to hold off! He wants to take a time-out on the field.

2:24 – Rudy pulls rank on Bill, and wants to let the terrorists to let the gas off in the mall. If they let it loose in the food court, no one should notice.

Commercial – Cars dropping out of the sky, and which hold NASCAR drivers and rappers appear to be a growing problem in America.

2:29 – Chloe broke into the internal video at the mall. Edgar mysteriously had the code for all the dressing rooms.

2:30 – They go in the back area of the mall, and kill a mall cop.

2:31 – Terrorists cutting into the HVAC ducts. They call Manilow, and ask about the other 19 canisters. Rudy says that he and Bill want to let the gas go. Manilow tries to shove the decision off. CLG suggests they go in with a shotgun to “take care of things”. They convince Manilow to release the nerve gas at the mall, which will kill 900 people. Audrey looks horrified. …er, more horrified than usual.

2:36 – Jack tells the terrorists the wrong code! The remote starts downloading songs from iTunes. Rudy yells at Jack, telling him to go for the end zone and that the coach will be mad! Jack’s defying Manilow! Terrorist thug hits Jack! Terrorist calls Stylish, asks for advice. Stylish thinks they can set off the canisters.

Second terrorist guy handcuffs Jack in another room to a table leg!

Commercial – Help Desk Guy from IBM …..THAT’S who should be helping CTU right now.

2:41 – Jack wakes up, and hears terrorist talking about the canisters. Foolish terrorists…..leaving Jack handcuffed to a leg of the table. Amateurs!

2:42 – Audrey argues with Rudy, and Rudy wants to Jack to let them release the gas and to bring back tacos from the mall.

2:43 – Both terrorists put on gas masks, one goes to kill Jack (ha!) as the gas is being released. Jack kills the guy with his legs! That’s our Jack!

2:44 – Jack gets the keys from the dead guard, disables the gas.

2:45 – Jack tracks down someone to ask where the gas vents are, while he inconspicuously walks around with a gas mask.

2:46 – Jack turns off the HVAC, at least 11 people dead.


2:48 – CTU wants Jack to follow the terrorist guys; Jack tells the little girl she’ll be OK.

2:49 – Terrorist guy runs for hit. Hotwires a car to escape.

MORE TERRORISM! ….oh, no wait. It’s an American Idol commercial.

2:53 – Terrorist driving fast in L.A. (FAKE!), calls Stylish that the guy they were with (It’s Jack, but he doesn’t know that!) killed Second terrorist, didn’t want to play their terrorist gas release games, and that he had a red shiny nose. Stylish asks if Terrorist is being followed by a sleigh. Terrorist says no, and Stylish tells Terrorist to come back.

2:54 – CTU is following him via Chloe! Rudy was sent in by Manilow! Rudy is tattling on Jack! Manilow tells Rudy to shape up, or he’s out of the game.

2:55 – CLG tells Manilow that only 20 or so people died, and that Mrs. Manilow is going out to talk to Weasel’s wife, who just arrived to claim Weasel’s. Weasel’s wife must drive a hearse, since Weasel only died an hour ago.

2:56 – Mrs. Manilow goes to talk to Weasel’s wife…. Mrs. Manilow can’t tell Weasel’s wife the truth, and gives Manilow a dirty look as she leaves.

2:57 – Terrorist back at the garage (STILL no more guys back from lunch).

2:58 – CTU putting on masks, headed to the garage.

2:59 – Terrorist goes in; Stylish is watching from another car….pulls out a cell phone and tells Terrorist to kill himself and he does. Jack says “Dagnabbit!” and Stylish drives off in a pickup truck.

NEXT WEEK – Rudy wants Jack arrested! Mrs. Manilow yells at Manilow! Mysterious Guy leaves his dark room! Jack shoots at helicopters!

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