3 am to 4 am

3 am – Jack broke the co-pilot’s nose. He’s lucky he didn’t get shot in the thigh. He calls Haig and lets her know that he has the recording of Manilow. Bill talks extra loud into the

3:01 – Curtis tells Audrey he has great news… He’s going to save a ton of money on his car insurance, and he that Secretary of Defense Devane used his super defense car to actually survive that 200 foot drop into the water we saw a couple of episodes ago. Aside from being EXTREMELY waterlogged after being in the water for two weeks, he’s OK.

3:02 – Haig calls Curtis and tells him that Jack needs a ride from an airport. Since Curtis is a REALLY good friend, he’ll pick him up….but Jack owes him. Also, Jack has this evidence that can bring down Manilow. Curtis says that if that’s true, Jack won’t owe him anything.

3:03 – The Evil Genius Think Tank (EGTT) has figured out a way out of Manilow’s dilemma can the guy who looks like a hollywood writer calls him. Hollywood says that Manilow needs to shoot down the plane. Manilow protests, saying he doesn’t have a gun nearly big enough, or with enough range. Besides, he can’t shoot straight anyway. Hollywood says they’re going to use a BCI distress signal, which will make it look like the entire plane is full of American Idol fans, so no one will question Manilow’s motives. Manilow protests because he likes American Idol, and then agrees by saying “My Ryan Seacrest have mercy on my soul!”.

3:06 – Bill wants Chloe back at CTU. He and Haig talk, and Creepy sees what’s going on. He doesn’t like it. He definitely looks like he wants to tattle-tale to someone….but WHO?

3:08 – Cheney Looking Guy (CLG) tells Manilow the FAA has a plane full of American Idol contestants, and they really really want to shoot down the plane.

3:09 – An Admiral briefs Manilow and tells him they want to shoot down the plane. Manilow acts like he’s really concerned. CLG really can’t believe this is going on and tries to stop this, but Manilow doesn’t want to hear about it. Manilow very dramatically tells the Admiral to “Release the Flying Monkeys!”.

3:12 – Back at CTU, Haig gets news about the Flying Monkeys. Haig and Bill call Jack and let him know. They start to look for a place to land at Jack’s request, preferably with a bathroom since Jack hasn’t been to one in HOURS.


3:16 – CTU – Chloe’s back, and Creepy just can’t believe it. Haig and Bill give her a big assignment, try and hack into the airline system to help Jack.

3:17 – Jack tells the stewardess to get everyone in an upright and locked position.

3:18 – Bill calls Jack, and tells him about a place to land. It doesn’t look like they have enough room to land. They call Curtis, who’s apparently in a REALLY fast car, and let him know where the plane will land.

3:18 – The Admiral patches Manilow into radio with the flying monkeys, so he can listen in on their combat chatter.

3:19 – Chloe finds the flying monkeys by following the trail of banana peels, and CTU lets Jack know where they are. Jack and the co-pilot send the plane into a dive. Lots of Star Trek moving from side to side in the cabin of the plane.

3:20 – Flying monkeys radio that they’re close to the plane. The plane is making a dive to the freeway below and the pilot gets excited he can see a Denny’s. Jack looks releaved because he knows they have that bathroom there. Only one problem… the co-pilot says can’t pull out of the dive the plane is in. Other than that, everything is AOK. Jack looks annoyed that this guy can’t do ANYTHING alone, and agrees to help land the plane.

3:21 – Missile lock from the flying monkeys! The head monkey hesitates, and tells everyone that they don’t need to shoot anyone down because they’re landing. He does volunteer to blow up the Denny’s, however. Manilow wants that plane shot down, but finally relents. He orders the Marines in there to get the plane, and to send the Flying Monkeys back to base.

3:22 – Curtis spots a shooting star. He then realizes it’s Jack’s plane. They finally land on the highway, but only after three cars with Florida plates pass the plane.

3:23 – Everyone’s off the plane, and Jack runs off the plane, and heads straight for that Denny’s at top speed.


3:27 – Hollywood calls Manilow to complain, and Manilow apologizes.

3:28 – Emergency vehicles arriving at the plane landing site. Jack uses the JackPhone to call Curtis, and they make plans to meet as the Marines arrive.

3:29 – Jack runs, undetected, to Curtis’s car. The Marines stop the car, and Curtis talks his way out of the road block.

3:30 – Curtis calls CTU and talks to Bill. Curtis plans on taking the secret freeways that no one knows about back to LA. This is how they get around LA so fast! Finally! An answer to that question!

3:32 – Creepy calls Haig on her cell phone, and gets really whiny about why he hasn’t been informed about what’s going on. Chloe must have super hearing, because she gives her the evil eye. Creepy threatens to tattle-tale. Haig goes to talk to him.

3:34 – Haig and Creepy talk, and he’s really whiny. She brings Creepy to heavily soundproofed cement walls, tells him the whole story. Creepy is NOT into this AT all. An assistant interrupts them (oh oh…I think she heard). Creepy agrees to help Haig.

3:36 – Terrorists guy that got taken down by Jack back at the gas plant they both blew up together is being brought into CTU. He’s obviously hurt because he has a napkin with a ketchup stain on it taped to his face. They’re transferring him to a Terrorist Storage Facility, under police escort.


3:40 – CLG tells Manilow that Jack got away. Manilow can’t believe it. CLG says that’s what it says in the script he has. Manilow stares out the window and doesn’t say anything while CLG gives him the mind control evil eye. CLG is unsuccessful which appears to mean that Manilow has no mind to control, but we know that.

3:42 – Phone call someone, but Manilow doesn’t pick it up. He lets his voice mail do it: “Hi! I’m busy plotting against President Allstate, aiding terrorists, and looking for Jack Bauer! Please leave a message at the sound of my sobbing”.

3:43 – Jack’s back at CTU! He gives Chloe the recording to clean up and post to the Internet. He suggests the wildly popular and famous Dave Barry blog. Jack goes to see Audrey.

3:44 – Audrey’s on the phone trying to get a nurse to wake up her father, who’s in intensive care. She looks up, sees Jack and for the first time in her life is speechless. They share a tender moment, and they think everything is over. (They haven’t read the rest of the script, or know that there are more episodes left!) Loud piano music plays.

3:46 – Manilow goes to his hidden secret box and calls Hollywood in his Evil Think Tank. Hollywood informs Manilow that CTU has the evidence. Manilow and Hollywood talk cryptically about how bad it would be for the country for their relationship to be exposed. Manilow pulls out a gun from his secret box! (Mrs. Steve comments “They can just not keep presidents alive on this show!”).


3:51 – Mrs. Manilow is watching TV, and Manilow goes in to see her. They stare at each other for a while, using up valuable “24” episode time. Manilow says that what he did was really really wrong, and that he didn’t want to hurt Mrs. Manilow. They’re speaking really slowly, using up even more episode time. She says he’s a good liar and should go on “To Tell the Truth”. He leaves.

3:55 – Manilow goes down the hall, back to his office to stare at his secret box. He pours himself a glass of Pina Colada that he keeps in his desk, looks a this gun.

3:56 – Another phone call interrupts, there’s a phone call from someone from CTU. CREEPY IS CALLING THE PRESIDENT! Creepy wants to thwart what’s happening at CTU! Creepy has Manilow’s blessing!

3:59 – Manilow puts away the gun! Montage of Hollywood, Audrey and Jack, Mrs. Manilow. Creepy goes in to talk to Chloe, and has his hand really really much to close to the recording. He’s lucky that Chloe didn’t taser him!

4:00 – Time’s up!

The recording is erased?! Terrorist escapes! Secret Agent Aaron talks back to Manilow! Robocop threatens Jack’s loved ones! Are we going to see Jack’s girlfriend and her teenage son again?

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