My Game of Thrones Dragon Rider Theory


Still here?

I’m going to come right out and say it. I think Tyrion is part Targaryen.

I’ve thought this since season 5, and only had a thin bit of evidence at that point: Tywin Lannister, before he dies says “Oh, …you’re no son of mine.” Before this, he did claim Tyrion has a Lannister, but grudgingly. …Like I said, pretty thin evidence.

Wild speculation:Did Tywin call Tyrion his son, just to save face, because his wife had an affair with a Targaryen? What if the Mad king was Tyrion’s real father? And wouldn’t that make him first in line for the throne, if the Targaryens end up winning the war?

Something that happened in season 6 gave a little bit more evidence to my Targaryen theory: Tyrion went into the holding area for the dragons and unshackled them. Now, before they were shackled these dragons had been out and about, torching animals (and children). They were locked up down there for a while… what was to stop them from outright torching Tyrion? Maybe it was because they sensed he was a Targaryen too, and that’s why he could get away with being so close to them.

We’ll have to see if this theory is just blowing smoke, but if there are to be three dragon riders, I think they’ll be Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion.

… The thing about those dragons though… If one of them dies, everyone better hope that the Night King doesn’t get control of it. Because if he does, it’s not going to be easy to deal with an undead dragon.