Blu-ray players not future compatible?

Oh great. Just when it looked like the format wars have come to an end….

Turns out that Blu-ray players might not be “future compatible”. What does that mean? Well, in October of this year, a “new” profile of player will be available, and disc players in that support the Profile 1.0, won’t be able to take advantage of the Profile 2.0 features.

From Consumerist:

So here’s how it’s going to work: current players are Profile 1.0, and can play future hi-def discs but no bonus stuff. Profile 1.1 dics will include additional bonus material that won’t play on 1.0 players—these discs will have a “Bonus View” sticker. Come October, Profile 2 capability will come to the market, which includes Internet activity, but only on Profile 2.0 players—these discs will have a “BD Live” sticker.

Great, huh? Geesh.

Via Consumerist.