Survivor: Nicaragua Finale

Spoilers ahead

I’m in the process of watching the finale right now and writing this right after the tribal council where Holly got voted off. I really have to hand it to Fabio, he really poured it on in the last three challenges. That really surprised the alliance of Sash, Holly and Chase.

I’m a little surprised that they didn’t get rid of Sash instead of Holly. One thing is sure, though… Fabio really saw through everything Sash was saying.

Sash certainly played the hardest during the whole game.

Chase flipped flopped like crazy the whole game. I’m sure he won’t have Jane’s vote. She’s as mad (or madder) that anyone that’s ever been voted off.

There were a lot of smile when people saw that necklace around Fabio’s neck. He has Dan’s vote. Probably Jane’s too. Not sure about everyone else.

Now watching the final tribal council.

Chase stated the obvioius.

Fabio showed his easy going side.

Sash probably stated his case the best, saying that friendships were made, alliances were made to be broken.

What a crazy bunch of questions.

Brenda didn’t ask Fabio any question;, Marty had it in for Chase; Holly asked some good questions (and I think there were some honest answers); Jane had nothing to spew but bile at Sash and really didn’t have a question to Fabio; Benry had a good question to Sash and Sash answered as honestly as he could; Dan had it in for Sash too – “spineless”, he had it in for Chase too – he was very animated, no question for Fabio either; Purple Kelly gave 60 seconds to Sash how he outwitted and outplayed – sure sounded like she was going to vote for Sash; Nayanka asked Fabio a GREAT question about his mom… very surprised to her such a great question from her… I really give her a lot of credit for that one; Alina just straight out insulted Fabio by calling him a boy, and gave Sash an opportunity to slam the other two…. Chase basically said that he had to survive, and slammed Fabio too.

I’d say odds were pretty good that Sash will take it, but I think Fabio will be close in votes. I hope Fabio wins. I don’t think Chase will get it at all.

Commercial – Stunning announcement…. What is it? Is Jeff quitting? Hey, and they’re going to have a “reunion race” on Amazing Race. That should be good.

Update: Ok all caught up to the DVR.

Fabio probably has Nayanka, Benry, Jane and Dan. Whoa! Marty voted for Fabio!

Alina voted for Chase.

Another vote for Fabio – and it’s Dan

Update: Brenda voted for Chase! Kinda surprised about that.

Jeff’s grabbing the votes.

Update: Jeff walks out with the votes into the jungle ….and we get cleaned up versions of Chase, Sash and Fabio. Jeff walks out of the fake jungle on the CBS set.


Final votes

Chase: 4
Sash: 0
Fabio: 4

Wow! One vote left!

Update: FABIO WINS! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I’m really happy about this. That’s completely awesome. I’d love to see how the final tally went. Kinda surprised that Sash didn’t even get one vote. Youngest winner ever.