The Office – 8.16 – After Hours

If you haven’t watched the “After Hours” episode of “The Office”, don’t read any further.


Just finished watching tonight’s episode of “The Office”, and it was great. Kathy tried to make her move on Jim. If you’ve been watching carefully, you knew this moment was coming for a long time. Now, granted, she came right out and said in a couple of episodes ago, but if you paid attention to how she was acting even before that, you knew something was up.

I’m not going to go into what happened in the episode, but I have to say the writer’s handled it was exactly true to character, which was great to see. The writers handled that absolutely perfectly.

I’m a little surprised that Jim didn’t call Pam while all this was going on. But, I’d wager Pam would have been down on the next plane to Tallahassee if he had. He better tell her soon though, because Kathy seems like the type to try and screw things up.