Heroes: Powerless

As you probably know, with the writer’s strike going, most fictional shows are on hold. Reality shows are still rolling along. Anyway, some shows have done “wrap ups” before going back into reruns, and one of those is Heroes. The show’s season, which they call volume 2, was cut short and ended last night.

Spoilers ahead

It was a decent episode, but a little anti-climatic in places and surprising in others. The buzz before the show was that two characters were going to die. It appeared that one of those was going to be Maya, and it looked like the whole Maya/Alejandro storyline was going to end in a very “Nikki/Paolo we were just kidding about introducing these characters” sort of way (you LOST fans will know what I’m talking about).

That wasn’t to be, since Mohinder injected her with Claire’s blood. (Side note: I like the name “Mohinder”. Not sure why. It’s just fun to say. Mohinder. MohinderMohinderMohinder…. ahem…) So, we’ll be seeing more of Crying Maya.

More random thoughts, in no particular order:

Big trouble brewing for Claire now that Sylar knows her blood heals. Noah has a nice big target on him now too, since it looks like he was the one that killed Nathan. Sylar found out that someone injected him with something that caused him to lose his powers, and he didn’t like it one bit.

It looks like Peter’s mom, Angela, is still part of “The Business” and is working with Bob. For a guy that runs something like that, he doesn’t have a lot of staff. You’d figure that a mastermind running an organization like that would have more people around. Other than his daughter. If Angela is working with “The Business”, that could explain how she was able to survive in that alternate future where 90% of the world was dead.

Nice touch with the Popeye reference at the beginning of Volume 3 when Sylar got his powers back and tested them by willing a spinach can into his hand.

Sorry to see Nathan bite the dust, but Nikki’s character was just weird… never did like her whole storyline. Her “secret power” is that she’s got a split personality and can really kick people’s butts? Maybe it’s that she had this power and her mind couldn’t handle it, so it manifested that other personality. Whatever. It was pretty annoying.

Adam will be back, and he’s going to be really ticked off when he finally shows up. If I were Hiro, I would have put him about 300 years in the past (or better yet, the future), and left him in the same Japanese cemetary. Maybe under a nuclear reactor. Or a garbage dump. Definitely not an Indian burial ground though, bad things happen when you mess around with those.

5 Mistakes Made In Heroes Season 2 According to Series Creator

You have to give Tim Kring credit. In an article in Entertainment Weekly, he lists five mistakes they made in the beginning of Heroes season 2, and gives explanations for why he thought they were mistakes. You can follow the story link to see what he said about each of these, but here’s what I think:

  • – Not only was it too slow, it just dropped us into the story well after the events of season 1. I understand that was to introduce the character Adam in context, but there probably was a better way to do it.
  • Is every season going to have “world-saving stakes”? OK, technically, it was just to save a bomb from going off last season, but the deserted street thing was done last season… we want something new.
  • Specifically, he feels that Maya and Alejandro weren’t introduced properly. I disagree. They might have felt “disconnected” from the storyline as Kring says, but I don’t really think they are. Sylar was out in a remote area, is making his way back, and runs into these two people with powers. I thought it worked.
  • Boy, and how. I was beginning to think that Hiro was going to take over for Kensei and live out his life there, or maybe even bring back Yaeko with him. This, I think more than anything, made the beginning of the season seem like it dragged on.
  • – Agree on the Claire/West “love connection”, but disagree about Hiro/Yaeko. I think the Hiro/Yaeko thing worked, but West just seemed like a stalker.

Read the full article at EW.com

Heroes: Cautionary Tales – Some Questions

Spoilers Ahead

Great episode last night.

I thought that Noah was dead for sure, and was surprised that he came back at the end.

I do have a few questions:

How long is it going to take for Noah to get out of that holding facility?

Did Bob get Claire’s blood because he knew he would need it for Noah later? Is Bob really the bad guy here?

Is the plague that takes everyone down caused by Sylar and Maya? Is Adam really working to stop that coming plague, or is he really just going after “The Company” and the last generation of Heroes?

Any thoughts?