Battlestar Galactica Final Episode

Spoilers ahead
First, let me say that I started watching BSG really late… As in, “last summer late”. I watched each episode through Netflix and DVDs, and caught up to the final season in time to watch all of those.

I don’t think I ever really “got” what other people enjoyed in this show, but I do have to say that I did enjoy most of the finale episode last night. Just about everything was resolved, although I’m not sure what the “angel” Caprica 6 and Baltar were around 150,000 years after they landed on the new earth. I’m also not sure why Cavil blew his brains out instead of going out while trying to take everyone else with him. Also not quite sure why Adama felt the need to isolate himself at the end either. The “let’s charge the weapons just in case/accidental firing of those same weapons” was a bit hokey… And I never did like Rosalyn’s character – probably even less so last night.

As far as the rest goes, I enjoyed it, and the choices that were made. I really liked how Moore pulled together the cathedral sequences, I liked that Tory finally got what she got coming to her, I liked the way that Kara’s story line was resolved. Especially that, I think – staring us right in the face the whole time, and I didn’t have any idea that might be what was going on.

It was a fitting ending to the series. What about you die hard BSG fans? What did you think?