Game of Thrones Episode 2: Stormborn


Lots to talk about this episode!

First, Daenerys gave off a distinct “mad king” vibe when she started going after Varys out of no where. It sure looked to me like everyone in the room was pretty surprised by her doing this, and I can’t remember even a hint of her being worried about this, at least recently. The only reason I can see that she talked about this at this point was that sometime before the end of the season Varys will either 1) really betray her trust or 2) do something to make Daenerys think that he betrayed her trust. If Tyrion isn’t around to talk her out of it, Varys won’t make it to next season. If that happens, Daenerys will definitely be on the path to be the “mad queen”.

Speaking of crazy people, Sam’s got to be one of the bravest (or stupidest) people on the show. Trying to help Jorah get a cure for grayscale? Something that contagious – well, one slip of the knife and a splat of that goo onto Sam, and that’d be it. Sam sure seems to be doing all the wrong things: Stealing books from the gated section of the library, trying to cure Jorah when it’s been forbidden because of the danger. Sure seems like he’s going to get kicked out quick, or he’ll be the new celebrated figure at The Citadel. I’m guessing the former, because Maesters seem to be the “by the book” (if you’ll excuse the expression) types.

Arya’s headed back to Winterfell, and will end up missing Jon, because he’s headed to see Daenerys. The interaction with the direwolf was a set up for something that’ll happen later in the season. Arya’s words, “That’s not you”, with a little smile while she said it makes me think Arya believes Nymeria’s acting out of character. Anyway, it seems likely to me that Nymeria won’t be by Arya’s side while she travels up north, at least initially, but will be trailing Arya (with the rest of the wolf pack) to make sure she’s safe.

The whole battle at sea with Euron and Yara, and yes, Theon, surprised me… I hadn’t expected that. I was under the impression at first the Euron was just out to get Yara. Turns out that was a bonus, because he was really after Ellaria, who was in the hold below. That’s the prize that Euron promised Cersei last episode. Last week I expected it would be Tyrion. How the heck did Euron know that fleet carried Ellaria?

Theon jumping overboard was a surprise, but after thinking it over, it was really his only move if he wanted to stand a chance against Euron at some point in the future. If he’d have tried to kill Euron on that boat, I’m pretty sure Theon knew he would have died. I’m sure that Euron thinks he could take out Theon with no problem. He wouldn’t have needed Yara to entice Theon to fight. If Euron wanted Yara dead, he’d have killed her on the spot. Likely another prize for Cersei.

Speaking of which… Did Nymeria Sand die? Or was she the one down in the hold with Ellaria? You did know that Arya named her dire wolf after her, right?

Edit: Yup. Nymeria Sand, died. She was the one with the bullwhip.