Terra Nova – Series Premiere

Spoilers Ahead

Just got done watching Fox’s “Terra Nova”. I like the show, but the dialog was a bit melodramatic at times. I suppose a lot of shows are like that, but I still don’t like it.

First impressions? Why is it that time portals are always round, and have a light coming out of them. The StarGate was round (ok, that stuff looked like water, but it did have light in it. The time portal from the movie “Millennium” was that way too. In fact, the single file line in Terra Nova felt exactly the same as that.

Why… why, why why, do people do insane things in situations where there’s extreme danger? Why in the world would Tasha, who’s been there a while, and has a father in the security squad (1) leave the safety of the compound, and (2) run out of the safety of the freaking vehicle with all those slashers around?

And I know they were advancing the premise of the whole show, but why would Mira’s crew just stop by the waterfall, *in the dark*, just to look over something they could have waited until morning for? Stupid.

I tell ya….that Skye. First, she reminds me of Jan from The Office. Second, I think she’s the one that’s feeding info to the Sixers.

Maddy, the older daughter, has all the marks of a female Wesley Crusher.

Josh looks like he could turn into a sparkly vampire at any moment.

I know, you might think I don’t like the show after saying all that, but I do think it’s worth watching. We’ll see how it goes.