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Nintendogs - Chihuahua

Nintendogs has been released in the US. This game is a HUGE hit in Japan, and has all the potential to make it big here in the states.

This game is kind of like those Tamagotchi key chain toys that were popular a few years ago in the states. It’s a virtual pet that you can interact with.

Now, as popular as Tamagotchi was, Nintendogs takes takes it to a whole new level. The virtual dogs run around, play with each other, come to you when you call to them, (remember, this is Nintendo DS we’re talking about here…. it has a built-in microphone). You can take the dogs for walks, throw frisbees to them, and feed them.

This game is wildly popular in Japan, where they sold about 700,000 of them. There’s a rumor going around that they might even have a special “Christmas” edition of the game out there.

Nintendo is releasing three versions, each with six different kinds of puppies, for a total of 18 dogs.

There’s a Nintendogs Book available now too.

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