LOST: Fire+Water

Spoilers ahead…

What was THAT all about? Charlie has had a problem for a few episodes now watching how Locke is interacting with Claire, and feeling jealous. I think between Michael going off to find Walt, Sayid vs Ana Lucia, and Charlie vs Locke, we’re seeing the beginnings of how the survivors might eventually split. Charlie has definately become an outsider.

I thought it was interesting that a couple of things people on the web have been discussing were mentioned on the show. First, Hurley called the people in the tail section “tailies”, which seems to be the general nickname people have given them on the web. The second was that while he and Libby were washing clothes, Libby said something about the washer and dryer being a lot newer than the rest of the things down in the hatch.

I’d assumed that the newer looking washer and dryer were just a continuity error on the show, but since the characters mentioned it, there might be more to it. Everyone’s been assuming that people have been down in that hatch for a long time with no contact with the outside world…. now we know that probably isn’t true.

Other random thoughts:

It surprised me that Locke didn’t destroy the statues he took from Charlie, but put them in the vault instead.

I think the reason Hurley recognized Libby was not because he stepped on her foot (he was at the front of the plane, and she was at the back!, but because she was a nurse or possibly a patient in the hospital he was in.

Eko was marking trees, I think because he intended to build a chapel there. From the way he was sifting through the ashes after the fire, it looks like Charlie burned the area that Eko marked.

In the previews, we see Sun taken away. It looks like The Others are going to try and get Jin to go after Sun, which will cause him to leave the group in the same why that Michael was coaxed away.