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A couple of people have asked me where I found the information on Egyptian Hieroglyphics that lead me to the conclusions in my previous post about the LOST counter. I did all that research via Google. Here are some of the pages:

The Egyptian Vulture
Hieroglyphic Dictionary
Duke Papyrus Archive

These are just some of the sites that I looked at. There are quite a few others on the Web that might help you draw your own conclusions about what the symbols mean.

One of the things I didn’t mention before was that apparently there is some controversy surrounding Hieroglyphics found in Australia, and whether they’re real or not. Since some of LOST centers around Australia, it brings up a lot of interesting questions.

There have been a lot of theories about what the hieroglyphics on the “countdown” timer in the hatch mean. The thing that occurred to me wasn’t so much what they meant, but why there were hieroglyphics symbols there in the first place. Doesn’t it seem a little odd that of all thins, Egyptian hieroglyphics would show up on the timer? Why not words? Why any message at all?

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  1. It is wierd that there would be hieroglyphics at all, especially since most of the Dharma Initiative related folklore (and rampant web speculation) has linkages to more Eastern (India/Hinduism) philosophy.

    I don’t think we’re going to get a satisfactory explaination about why there was a message at all. There shouldn’t have been.

    I do think that as the story unfolds, we may discover that Egyptian Science or Mathematics are somehow central to the science of the island. The Egyptians were a craftly lot, with a rich mythology.

  2. To be honest i would say that this last failure to press the button was the last straw, and you talking about nuclear bombs open’d my eyes a little, nuclear bombs generally make a loud bang and a massive light, what happend in the last episode, this could mean, they are dead, or the whole of the world is dead, or something else major has happend. we also dont know if locke and the other 2 are alive in the hatch, so do doo doo d0000

  3. It is the most ridiculous thing that all this websites that have been place with the same information that pal white wrote in a n article in the nexus magazine years ago and none of this websites, who’s “Authors” claim to have been at the site, have included any direction as to how to get there I mean if it is so real and your intentions are to share it with the rest of people that are interested in the subject, why hide or keep the most important bit of infrmation as an exact location. in some website it is promesed that the location will be release in the future but why not now. goverment agencies when asked claim firmly that ther is no such things as hierogliphics in australia and stop calling. i recommend to all this websites to put importan information that they have and share it with the rest of us. the more poeple that see this site the more support that we will get, your information will be more reliable. so far I know and I become confuse as to the location whether it somewhere in hawkest bury river or some where in the hunter valley national park. in australia NSW. if any of you have anyinformation in regards to this location please share it with me i promese to share my finding with any of you that wanna help.

    kind regards
    By the way you can email me @ jonathanr@exemail.com.au

  4. Having rumaged around myself to try to find details on the hieroglyphics I eventually thought of checking other people’s interpretations of the meaning and came across your postings.

    Although I’m pleased to find someone has made more progress than me, my understading of hieroglohics is that they are actually a phonological language rather than a symbolic language. Evidence from which comes from the translation tablet found at Rosetta by French troops in 1799 and translated around 20 years later and now held in the British Museum in London.

    Given this the leftmost character is typically either a soft “c” or “s” and the bird represents either a short “a”, “e” of “o”.

    Where this takes attempts to translate those displayed in the episode of Lost, I don’t know!

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