LOST: Maternity Leave

SPOILERS AHEAD. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know what happened.

I think this was one of the better shows of the season. We learned:

1) That Claire was drugged and kept down in a medical facility where Ethan was giving her injections. Injections that appeared to be the same drug that Desmond grabbed on the way out of the hatch.

2) Ethan spoke to another person we saw in the medical hatch. That guy looked very much like “Mr. Friendly” (the guy Sawyer called “Zeke” in the jungle), except he had no beard. He told Ethan that no one was to be brought to the hatch until the list was made. Which leads to….

3) Kate found some of the clothes “The Others” were wearing….and theatrical glue and a beard! The ragged look of the others is just a cover!

4) A team of doctors was preparing to take the baby from Claire when a young girl saved Claire and got her outside the hatch. The girl was very likely Alex, the daughter that Danielle (the French woman) had, and who was taken away 16 years ago.

5) Despite Claire thinking that Danielle was trying to take her away from the camp, Danielle actually saved her.

6) Henry Gale, despite being held in vault in the hatch, is trying to get inside Locke’s head to create division within the LOST camp. We already know that Locke doesn’t like being told what to do (and what he can’t do). I’m just a little surprised Locke didn’t realize that’s what Henry was trying to do.

Probably the biggest surprise to me was when Kate found the clothes, glue and beard. That really changes a lot of theories about The Others (including mine). So, let’s rethink this a bit.

For some reason, “The Others” feel it necessary to dress up as if they’re shipwrecked castaways. Why it that? The only reason I can think of is that they want to make the LOST castaways believe that they’re not people they can get any help from (which is probably true anyway), and that they’d stay away from. If “The Others” had been dressed in regular street clothes, it would be a lot more likely that the LOST group would want to go to find them and find the place that they’re staying.

It also seems a lot more likely now that Desmond is one of The Others. People have been asking where Desmond went when he ran out of that bunker. I think it he had to have run to return to “The Others”.

As usual, when some mysteries are revealed, a few more open up:

Who would have been on “The List” that Ethan was supposed to be making?

Who is the “he” in that Mr. Friendly and Ethan were talking about? Could it be Alvar Hanso?

Why would Alex had been willing to help Claire, if she grew up with them on that island?

We’ve seen two other bunkers that have been completely abandoned. The first was the bunker the “tailies” found , the second was the bunker that was shown tonight. Both were nearly completely gutted. Where did they move all that equipment? Why did they feel the need to move all that equipment?

If Mr. Friendly isn’t really the guy in charge and he’s not calling the shots, what orders is he under? Are “The Others” willing participants in whatever is going on, or are they stuck as well?

That team of doctors was going to get Aaron, and most likely kill Claire. Why do they want Aaron? Is it for the same reason they want Walt?

With the elaborate ruse that Kate seems to have uncovered, I think it’s more and more likely that the LOST castaways were brought to the island on purpose. We already know they people on the island wanted Walt. We know they want Aaron. Are there others in that group that they want? Since Desmond and Jack had contact, could Jack also be one of the people on their “list”?

I’m going to have to watch this episode again….