24: 12 am to 1am


12:00 am – Manilow’s watching the world’s smallest wide screen TVs, and gets call from Robocop about trying to get Jack. Manilow calls Madam Haig.

12:01 – Madam Haig is talking to Creepy about the Audrey, and that the Cry-Baby tracking device they use to track Audrey is not working.

12:02 – Creepy thinks that Chloe is in on the whole Audrey/Jack connection, volunteers that he’s got special cameras that he uses to spy on women, so it’ll be no problem tracking Chloe.

12:04 – Jack brings in Bill to help him! They fill in Bill on the Manilow being a handbag, and that he’s in on the President Allstate assassination. Bill agrees. Manilow is a handbag.

12:05 – Audrey’s hanging out in Hanger 112 at the airport, which apparently was her secret rendezvous spot with Jack.

12:06 – The plane carrying Secretary of Defense William Devane (undercover as Audrey’s Dad “Secretary Heller

2 thoughts on “24: 12 am to 1am”

  1. “12:09 – Audrey, who obviously hasn’t seen the show, thinks everything is going to be OK.”

    LOL…very true. I don’t remember her crying when they were tied up though…she was sort of crying when Henderson sliced her arm and Jack was forced to give up the tape but can you really blame her then?

  2. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t crying either, but as you can tell from this and the rest of the 24 synopsis posts I make here….I take a LOT of creative license with what’s going on in the show. 🙂

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