24 – Live Another Day – Hour 10 recap


Previously on “24” – We learned: Sometimes Internet Theories are right; You should never go close to an open window through which you saw Jack Bauer swing past; Gravity is still a harsh mistress; Steve is now less mole and more road runner; Chloe and Adrian have apparently friend-ed each other on Facebook.

The following takes place between 8pm and 9pm –

8pm – Jack calls Kate and tells her that Steve is the mole. Jack is in hot pursuit, by walking very briskly, which is kind of a London thing to do.

Steve calls Adrian, who really wanted a new PS4, but has to settle for the override device. Steve’s worried that Adrian won’t like it, what with the dead terrorist blood all over it it, but agrees to meet him.

As soon as Adrian hangs up, he turns around, and Chloe is standing right there, wanting to know what’s going on. At first it’s a little hard to tell if she’s upset or not because all the black makeup and her lopsided haircut makes it tough to read her facial expression. Adrian tries to justify it by saying that he’s going to break into the world’s arsenals and let everyone know the codes by making a quick post on Twitter. At first, Chloe is completely relieved, because Adrian, like most people, has only a couple of followers, and they’re spambots. But then, he says he’s going to post it on Facebook, and she realizes that since he friends everyone he can for about eight hours a day while he’s waiting for computers to break into, the arsenal info could get a little more spread around than it should be. He even brings up her dead husband and son, but she looks really worried. They have an awkward hacker hug.

Creepy Spy Guy back at CIA calls Jack, who says there are these things called “passwords” that have some how locked him out of all the cameras that are around London, the same ones that they usually spy on everyone with. And gosh darn it, he’s stumped. Jack tells him to work on it and send backup right away. Creepy Spy Guy says that sending tape backups won’t help Jack, but he’ll send some guys over to help Jack right away. Jack’s previous brisk walk has now changed into a slow trot. Jack looks like he really regrets that Chloe isn’t handling this.

8:06 pm – Steve emerges from an alley, and nearly gets hit by the ONE truck that’s we’ve seen on the streets since the beginning of the show… and what do you know, Jack just happens to be in the vicinity. Steve runs, pulls out a gun while he’s running and happens across an army guard with a machine gun talking to someone right there on the street. The guy talking to the guard doesn’t seem to think this is weird at all, a guy with a gun running in London, and he doesn’t tell the guard he’s about to get hit. Steve hits him, and grabs the machine gun the guard drops. Then, in fit of rage, Steve shoots some helpless beer kegs near Jack. Steve uses up all the bullets right away, throws the gun away and runs. Jack heads right after him, but not before saying a few words to the recently departed beer kegs.

More dark alley running. Steve and Jack pull their guns… Jack has Steve cornered! ….But no, Steve goes into Mole form and gets away.

Steve calls Adrian, while running at top speed. It’s very lucky that Steve was an Olympic athlete in the “Making Phone Calls While Running At Top Speed” event. Steve arrives at the rendezvous point. Adrian tells him there’s an envelope containing money, a passport, and a do not pass Go ticket waiting for him in a cement mixer. Adrian then instructs Steve to drop the override device in a slot in the wall behind him, which he does. When Steve asks where the getaway car is, he seems kind of surprised that Adrian has already hung up the phone.

We see Adrian and Chloe walk off at this point, but Chloe doesn’t look to happy about it. It looks like Chloe is going to change her relationship status to “it’s complicated”.

Steve runs, with Jack in hot pursuit. Steve runs the wrong way, and happens to go in the exact direction of the pursuit team that Creepy Spy Guy sent, even though he had no real good idea where to send them. Steve kneels down, and puts his hands up, hoping this means he’ll be off the show this week. When he doesn’t find the device on Steve, even after a brief massage, Jack takes off, leaving Steve to be arrested.

Jack runs to the nearby subway station, and looks around, but doesn’t see anyone suspicious, except for the tons of people there. For some reason there weren’t many people on the streets, because they all are down here, riding the escalators and subways. Jack sees Adrian head downstairs, and runs after him. Jack rushes down the escalator past all the people there just for the ride, and narrowly misses getting on the subway car that Adrian and Chloe are on. Jack tries to run down the subway station platform, thinking that matching the car’s speed will slow it down, but it doesn’t work. Adrian sees him, but Chloe is staring off at other people in the car, wondering what color makeup would feel like.

The train pulls away, and Jack calls CIA to have the train tracked to find out where the train tracks will lead the train so he can follow in its tracks.


8:15 pm – It took five more minutes for Steve to be picked up from the ground off into one of the CIA cars. Meanwhile a walk-on extra tells Jack that the train he was chasing had the emergency break pulled. Jack is hopeful that the rest of the people on the subway car beat up Adrian for doing that, but since this is London, everyone was too polite to say anything. The extra tells Jack that two people left the train, and they have no way of tracking them.

Jack calls Kate to let her know Adrian has the device, and the Chloe is with him. Erik thinks that Chloe is a dirty stinking mole, but Jack isn’t sure.

Erik and Kate are actually at makeshift CIA headquarters, where Erik immediately gives a speech about he’s in charge, that Steve is a big doody-head, and that he’s going to finally get better coffee for the office.

Kate asks Creepy Spy Guy to figure out what Jordan was looking for, and to promise to run off and die the way Jordan did.

Back that the embassy, President Heller enjoys an alcoholic beverage just as Audrey walks in. She nags him that he can’t be taking his medication and alcohol because “believe me, it’ll make you loopy insane! Woooooo!” She tells him that Air Force One is on the tarmac, and ready to go. He’s unsure about this, and realizes she means the a copy of the movie on DVD, not the plane. Heller is disappointed that he didn’t get an agreement about the drone bases. And that he didn’t get to get blown up at the stadium, since no other president ever attempted that before. He tells her that he’s going to resign, and the vice-president is going to need to take over.

Mark walks in during the middle of Audrey’s scene with her father, and she almost breaks character because she’s so upset. It turns out that Mark has a phone call from Erik. Erik tells the President that the absolutely secure facility they have wasn’t absolutely secure enough to keep someone from stealing the override device. He also mentions that Jack happened to catch Steve, who was a mole. Also, that the override device has had its CPU overclocked, so now it can get past the basic firewall security that most countries have. Mainly because no one ever changes the default passwords. Jack’s headed back to “interrogate” Steve. Heller tells Mark he’s staying until they figure this out.

Creepy Spy Guy tells Kate and Erik that he found the information Jordan was looking for, which happens to completely clear Kate’s husband. The same husband everyone and their brother was telling us for scene after scene that he had sold secrets to the Chinese. Kate tries to run after Steve as he arrives, but Erik stops her from “interrogating” him. Erik sends her to a private office, which is completely private, except for all the glass walls.

Jack, who has arrived with Steve, asks what’s going on. Erik tells him, and Jack looks disappointed that Kate might actually get her husband back since he’s not really the spy everyone thought he was. Also, that Steve was the guy really selling the secrets.

Erik wants to use enhanced interrogation techniques on Steve, but Jack says it won’t work because Steve has a merit badge in interrogation resistance. Jack suggests using “Jack Bauer” interrogation techniques, which are much, much different – like the difference between Open Pit and Insanity Sauce. Jack’s pretty sure he can scare the snot out of Steve. Erik tells him, “If you cross the line, I’m pulling you.” Jack says, “Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t asking…that was me being courteous.”

Jack goes to Kate, who is still clearly upset about what Steve did. And it turns out that her husband won’t be getting out after all, since (yikes) he killed himself. Jack asks if she wants to step aside, since she’s still very upset.

Steve is in the interrogation room, not wearing a shirt, because there’s a “No-shirt, No-shoes, Interrogate” policy. We see that he’s got some black Tic-Tac boxes glued to his chest, wirelessly hooked up to a device they’re using to see if he’s a jerk or not. It’s registering that he is, so things are good to go as Kate and Jack walk into the observation room. Jack doesn’t appear to be interested in observing. He goes in to talk to Steve, and tells everyone else to leave the room.

Jack tells Steve he knows all about what Steve did in his previous life as a mole. He says, this is only going to end in one way – the death penalty! Wait…maybe two ways. If Steve tells where Adrian is, then they can probably not do the death penalty, so there are two ways this might end. Jack says he’ll keep it loose just in case there might be more ways this could end.

Steve is very unimpressed, and says he wants full immunity, a signed pardon, and a cheeseburger. He says he knows where Adrian is. Jack gives him one last chance, and Steve laughs this off. Jack decides to take matters into his own hands and … smacks Steve’s hand a bunch of times. Not exactly a “Jack Bauer” move, but in Jack’s defense it looked like he hit the hand really hard. A bunch of guards along with Erik, break up the fight. One of the guards clearly looks disappointed at Jack for not being more Jack-like. Kate is having none of this either, because she clearly wants to see Steve beaten up a lot more.

Erik tells Kate that he needs to make the case to the president that Steve might need immunity in order to find out where Adrian is. Kate looks extremely disappointed in Erik and Jack.


8:31pm – Mark tells his subordinate they’re going to need an immunity deal drawn up and signed by the president. Mark decides not to forge the president’s signature on this document, since the last time he did it the Russians found out about it. They continue down the hallway talking about this, until Mark realizes Audrey is at the other end. Too late! She saw them move. Mark does the brave thing and tells the subordinate to run and save himself. And also to get the document finished.

The first thing that Audrey says is, “I’m sorry I snapped at you.” She doesn’t say anything about the crying and barking. Mark’s upset for another reason… He’s still freaked out about Jack! All this hanging around Audrey has clearly rubbed off on Mark, and they spend a little while whining to each other… Even Audrey can’t take this, and walks out.

Mark calls the Russian consulate guy in frustration, and tells him where to get Jack Mark says he’ll send the secure code on Jack’s phone to the Russians, and in exchange the Russians will pretend that Mark never forged the president’s signature. They’ll also pretend he’s not a sleazy weasel, which will be tougher.

Adrian and Chloe get back in the car to head back to Adrian’s new hacker hideout. He puts the bag carrying the device in the back of the car. Chloe’s able to use the old “Put a coat over the bag and carry it away” combined with the “I have to pee” ruse to get the device out of the car, and herself away from Adrian.

This works so well, she can’t even believe it herself. She so stunned that she flags down a passing truck, which is not nearly far enough away from Adrian. After a few bullets in the truck, it drives off without her. Adrian grabs the bag from Chloe, and they argue briefly, and he makes her get back into the car.

At the makeshift CIA operating room, Steve already has his hand bandaged, and asks for something for the pain. The doctor replies that he has to put up with the pain of what’s going on in this story just like everyone else, and declines.

Kate, surprisingly walks right into the room, pulls a gun and smacks Steve around a little bit, and frankly a lot more effectively than Jack did earlier. She really looks like she wants to show how guns insert bullets into skulls, when Jack pulls a gun on her. Ordinarily, I’d say that this was Jack and Kate’s early courtship ritual, but it looks more serious than that. She keeps repeating that she doesn’t believe him, and scares him so badly he just blurts out that secret code he said he used in a tracking device he put on the override device. So, basically a secret device on another secret device.

She pulls away, and says, “Did you get that?” Creepy Spy Guy, in another room, runs a quick trace and…tada! Steve was telling the truth for once. Steve looks stunned that he was tricked like that. Kate tells him that she can’t wait until he’s executed for what he’s done, that she’ll be there, and she’ll bring some popcorn.


8:42 pm –Erik, settling right into his new job as the head guy, runs to find out what happened just before we went to commercial a few minutes ago, but is too late to be there. Jack just informs him that Kate got the info. Kate walks by Erik without saying a word. Erik, who appears to have been a good agent before being put in charge, doesn’t seem to understand how he became so incompetent so quickly,

President Heller talks to some top military guys who also happen to be vacationing in the London area, but are here to brief him on what’s going on. They consider it a big mistake for Heller to post about the existence of the override device on his blog, so he decides not to. Mark enters the room and says that they did everything they could to get the immunity deal ready, and that Steve should be talking any time now.

Heller informs him that Steve’s already spilled his guts. Since Jack is involved, he had to say that he meant Steve told them everything, and there were no real guts involved. He also tells Mark that Jack is leading the team to get the override device, which really concerns Mark since he’s got Russians leading the team to get the Jack Bauer.

On the phone, Jack tells Creepy Spy Guy that they’re going to have to go into the Adrian perimeter from a bunch of different directions. Some will go in from the south, some from the east and west. Jack is considering coming in from underneath but might parachute in because it would add to the difficultly. Or he might just drive in with Kate.

Kate’s being pretty quiet in the car, and regrets not believing her husband. She feels she’s the one that caused his death. When she asks Jack how she’ll live with that, he tells her that “you just do”. Shooting a lot of bad people helps too. He tells her about his tale of revenge, and he seems to regret some of the shooting. He says then, you’ll be able to forgive yourself.

Adrian and Chloe arrive at an abandoned tech lab, labeled “Abandoned Tech Lab”. Chloe wants to know if everyone knows what he wants to do with the override device. He assures her that they’ll all be happy to see her. They walk in, and either they were REALLY upset the Chloe was coming back and killed themselves, or someone else was there and killed them all. Or they’re part of some weird override device cult.

Adrian’s really upset, because he’s never seen real, live, dead people before. One guy is still alive. Chloe tries to comfort him, but he doesn’t look very comfortable.

…And in walks CHENG … Chloe recognizes him as soon as he walks in, and that’s how we know who it is. Cheng brings a bunch of thugs, who all carry guns.

Cheng is very upset at Adrian for trying to sell the override device he was supposed to be developing for the him. Adrian swears it’ll be better than the PS4, but Cheng doesn’t believe him. Cheng recognizes Chloe, but Adrian is surprised Chloe knows him.

Chloe tells Adrian that Cheng is the previous head of Chinese security, who kidnapped Jack and Audrey, and tortured both of them. Chloe says this is probably fates way of letting Jack get even with Cheng, or it could just be an idea that the “24” writers came up with as a way to end the show in a satisfying way. Whatever it is, Cheng is one bad dude.

Cheng’s upset that the device has changed. Adrian explains that Yates changed the override device to play Xbox games. Cheng suggests that Chloe switch it back. She refuses and so Cheng shoots Adrian in the leg. Chloe then agrees, because a holy Adrian would be even more self satisfied about giving out secrets. Also, a holey Adrian would be a bad thing, especially one with a hole in his head. He’d talk less… a lot less.


8:53 pm – Mark tries to talk to the Russian consul, but only gets his voice mail after pressing through the voice menus twice.

Jack is on the way to Adrian still, and gets the exact coordinates from Creepy Spy Guy.

Back at the previous hacker hideout, the hideout is still there, it’s just that the hackers are previous. Except for Chloe. She’s smart talking to Cheng while he stands over her shoulder trying to give her advice about how to program.

All of the sudden, they drag Chloe away from her terminal, and one of Cheng’s guys takes over. He’s a hacker too, and immediately deletes the virus Chloe sneezed into the firmware. They just need a way into the firmware, which, for anyone who knows anything about computers is as silly as having to ask how to get a memory dump. Ha Ha!…. anyway…

Adrian doesn’t think he’ll make it out alive, and confesses to Chloe that her husband and child’s death really was an accident… there was no one after Chloe in the first place.

Cheng’s hacker guy to quits playing Nethack on the device, and tells Cheng that he’s into Naval Command. Cheng says he’s into that too, and realizes that the guy mean the computer server. Cheng says “Draft the order”.

Cheng says they’re almost done, walks up and shoots Adrian. Chloe goes crazy.

Outside, Jack and Kate quietly make their way to the previous hacker hideout, when a truck broadsides them! The truck is either from Miami or from Russia, because it’s not following the rules of the road. Turns out, it’s the Russians, because of the Russian they speak. Also turns out that they’re ex-Russians because of the bullets Kate and Jack shoot. Another car arrives and shoots at Kate and Jack as they run off.

Inside, Cheng is ordering his hacker guy to send instructions to a nuclear submarine.

The nuclear sub gets a message to sink a Chinese carrier! They take no time at all carrying out the order, and firing the torpedoes. Someone’s going to need a new Chinese carrier.



24: Live Another Day – Hour 8 Recap

PREVIOUSLY ON “24”: Margot and Ian tried to use a drone to deliver something to Simone; Jack’s quick driving makes things explode behind him; Jordan learned being out in the field is a little tougher than it sounds; Mark wants to deliver Jack to the Russians; The President made a decision – but we’re not sure he remembers what the decision was.

The following takes place between 6pm and 7pm –

6pm – Hodor! Hodor, Hodor…. Hodor! …..Whoops. Sorry. That was last night.

6pm – Simone is a GREAT sleeper, because she slept all the way to the make-shift CIA headquarters, which just happens to have an operating room. They’re really prepared at the CIA. Just to check to see if she’s faking, they say they’re going to drill a hole in her head. She doesn’t budge.

Margot and Ian are packing an entire house in a van. Margot tells a very surprised Ian that President Heller might actually meet her demands, which include a pack of Jelly Babies, which she’s not been able to find anywhere in England.

At the US Embassy, Jack is sitting is either sitting in a big boy chair, or people in England are HUGE. He gets a phone call. It’s Kate. She tells him that Simone is going to be induced. Jack says he didn’t even know Simone was pregnant. Kate says she meant induce a coma. Jack says that she’s been in England too long, and it’s pronounced “comma”, and besides, he wants to make sure Simone wakes up, even if it kills her. He hangs up and gets a disapproving stare from Mr. Judgmental Secret Service Agent.

At CIA, Steve calls his “cleaner”, using a phone from his cabinet of Mole Phones. The cleaner is terrible at cleaning. Also at shooting, because Jordan is still alive. Steve is worried that Jordan might figure out that the people shooting at him want him dead.

The cleaner goes on a really intensive search, standing in place, and notices that Jordan left a blood trail. Jordan limps along, while holding his shoulder, which is what you do when your legs are OK, but your shoulder is shot. He checks his phone, and immediately regrets not buying the “in case you get shot” app.

Heller calls Jack into the room to meet with him, just to waste Jack’s time which would be better spent thigh shooting. Heller tells Jack that he’s going to ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Jack says it’s too late, he’s already agreed to be on another season of “24”. Heller tells him, “No, not that, I mean something else”. He explains that he spoke to Margot, and that he’s going to let Margot kill him at Wembley stadium. Heller doesn’t seem to see the problem with this.

Heller shows him a TV guide, and tells Jack it’s actually a resignation letter, effective in an hour. Jack doesn’t like this one bit, because he’s always been upset every time other presidents have died when he was nearby. Like President All State. But not President Manilow. Jack dons his Jack Pack and starts to leave, but stops when Heller admits he has Alzheimer’s. Heller starts yelling at Jack that it’s the only way to stop Margot from killing again. He’s pretty darn sure that a terrorist like that would keep her word, because he has no evidence that she would keep her word, which logically means she could probably almost sorta in a very likely way not not not keep her word. He thinks. Jack tries a Jack Stare but it doesn’t work.

Heller tells Jack, “If you were standing here in my shoes in my exact same position, you’d do the same thing.” Jack says, “If I were in your shoes in your exact same position, it would have been because of a transporter accident, and we both know that can’t happen.” Jack agrees to take Heller to Wembley stadium, but he’ll need another person to help, because if Audrey even sniffs that’s something up, she’ll start howling, and nobody wants that.


6:13 pm – The best person that Heller can find is Mark, which must mean that there is no one else in the building. Heller convinces Mark to go along with this by suggesting that the VP will hire Mark… all he has to do is convince the VP that the whole “allowing the President to die” is something that would never in a bajillion years happen again. Mark seems a little worried because up until now, no one has seen the VP, and the VP might be a figment of Heller’s imagination.

Jack calls Kate. She tells him that Simone hasn’t woken up. This upsets Jack, who tells Kate that she should have pushed the doctor. Kate responds that the doctor isn’t a Weeble, and even the doctor was a Weeble, he’d pop right back up and say that Simone would be in grave danger. Jack reminds her that lots of people will be in graves if they don’t do something right away. Jack tells Heller’s plan and then uses a bad word, which convinces Kate.

Kate goes in and tries to convince the doctor to wake Simone up. When asking nicely doesn’t work, she switches to Bauer mode and pulls a gun on the doctor, who asks “Who do you think you are?” Kate rolls her eyes and asks him if everyone is getting Alzheimer’s around here. He comes to his senses and gives Simone the medical wake-up juice that ever doctor has on hand.

Simone wakes up. Kate tells Simone about how Margot is really bad person, and that she’d like to blow up a bunch of people, which doesn’t convince her until Kate reminds her of those giant explosions with Simone’s name written all over them. Simone finally gives Kate an address, but says that Margot won’t be there, and she has no idea where she could be. Kate asks if there’s anything else Simone can give her. Simone looks like she’d like to give Kate a lap full of barf, but instead tells her about the CD under the floorboards, and oh, by the way, she’ll have a heart attack. Which she does, since she knows the doctors are nearby and have nothing else to do at the moment. Kate’s so moved by this that she calls to have a team meet her at Margot’s house.

At the Embassy, Jack is shocked that Heller’s go-to guy is Mark. Heller tells them both that time, like Jack, is short, and they should work out a plan. He leaves.

6:18 pm – Mark asks what he can do to help Jack, and Jack gives him all kinds of information, which Mark somehow remembers. He says he’ll incapacitate everyone by holding a full building staff meeting, which should put everyone to sleep.

Kate calls, and tells Jack the information about the disk that Simone gave her. Jack tells her to upload it to Chloe when they find it. Kate tells him that she’ll upload it to Chloe’s computer instead, because despite being Chloe, she probably can’t have information directly uploaded to her yet.

Heller wanders down the hall, and enters a room where Audrey is busily banging a way at a keyboard. Bob Newhart is in the corner observing her progress: “To be or not to be, that is the gazorninblat…”.

Audrey notices Heller walk into the room. Heller asks to see a picture of Audrey, her mother, and himself at the beach, and notices a statue of liberty in the background of the picture. He looks at Audrey as she returns to what she was doing and realizes that statue explains a lot of things about Audrey.


6:25 pm – Mark gives Jack some information about the Secret Service detail. Mark tells him that he’s going to have that meeting in a few minutes, and just to be sure everyone will be occupied, he’s going to have them fill out TPS reports.

Steve gets a phone call from Jordan! Jordan is really upset about this whole “getting shot at” thing, and doesn’t like field work ONE BIT. He wants to come out of the pool, RIGHT NOW. Jordan tells him exactly where he is, which is in a police box outside of a motorcycle shop. Jordan doesn’t realize it’s actually a phone booth, because if it were a police box, he’d be dodging Daleks by now. Jordan hangs up, and Steve immediately calls the cleaner to take Jordan out to the cleaners.

Back at the embassy, Jack does some surgery on the President to remove his secret decoder chip. As a reward, Heller gets a SpongeBob bandaid.
Heller dons a clever disguise so that no one will recognize him while they walk through the building: a HAT! I can’t even recognize him.

6:28 pm – Jack and the President walk through the hallway, having no issues as they walk through until they get to the fire exit. Heller points out that they’re not on fire, so they probably can’t exit that way. A Secret Service agent interrupts them, and Heller gets a first hand look at Jack using his first hand to knock the Secret Service agent out in one punch. They exit to the street, where Heller blends right in with all the other people in London that wear baseball caps.


6:37 pm – Jack gets to a helicopter, and Heller immediately blows their cover by telling the guy who got the helicopter there who he is. Jack starts the helicopter, and plays classical music out the loudspeakers to throw everyone off the trail.

The cleaner doesn’t follow the directions that Steve gave him very well, because he can’t tell where the heck Jordan is. It turns out that Jordan is right behind him, and cleans the Cleaner of his weapons. Jordan tells him that he knows Steve is behind this whole thing, but he just wants to know: Is it because of that time he wasn’t asked out to lunch along with everyone else? The Cleaner tries to use the old “Hey, is the safety on or off” on Steve, which surprisingly, works. The cleaner pulls a little, tiny, but sharp knife out of the back of his head and attacks Jordan. They get into a hand-to-hand struggle, just as the phone rings. This distracts them both. Jordan gets knifed, and the Cleaner gets gunned. The Cleaner is dead. Jordan looks like he really regrets going into the field.

6:41 pm – Up in the helicopter, Jack’s switched from classical music to weird mood music.

At the Al-Harazi house, a bunch of guys that are completely invisible under the cover of darkness give themselves away by putting lights at the end of their guns. The guys pull up the floor boards, and obviously aren’t computer guys, because they THINK, that POSSIBLY the hard drive they just found hiding under there might be the computer drive they’ve been looking for. Kate keeps them busy by telling them to look for more, just in case. Meanwhile, one of the guys uploads the drive to make-shift CIA headquarters. And boy, has the wireless internet speed gotten a lot faster in the last hour, because that whole hard drive uploads in no time flat.

Kate looks for Jordan, and that creepy guy from last episode tells her he’s not sure where the heck Jordan is. Jordan’s been gone for about an hour, and he hasn’t had anyone to stalk for all that time. Kate has him send the drive data to Chloe, which probably got uploaded before you read the end of this sentence.

Kate goes to talk to Steve, who can’t possibly figure out where Jordan might be, but he’s darned sure that he should be at his workstation. She tells Steve that Margot got a 30 minute head start, which means they could be in a 500 square mile radius of the house by now, because people in England drive faster than a NASCAR racers.

Margot and Ian are finishing setting up in a non-descript building, which looks like the back of another building we’ve already seen, except it’s at night. Ian and Margot argue about whether or not they should use the rest of the drones, but Margot insists that a Stark always pays her debts. Ian tries to point out that it’s Lannisters, and that it’s not even the same show. Margot then insists that they’ll be all Even-Steven when Heller dies.

Outside of Wembley stadium, Jack announces they’re outside of Wembley stadium. London has remarkably lax airspace laws, so no one bothers them at all.

Chloe calls Jack as they land. Chloe’s using the data from the drive to hack into the drone system from a bar. She hasn’t had a drink, so it’s making it tougher. Jack tells her to do the best she can. But figure out the drone thing first, and then get a beer. Heller and Jack go into the stadium, which just happens to have all the lights turned on, and is wide open.


6:51pm – Adrian calls Steve to confirm Jordan is dead, and Steve pinky swears he is.

Adrian then calls Chloe, and says that he has a snug little spot where they can deliver state secrets over the internet just like old times. Chloe says she’s a little busy and can’t help right now and hangs up on him. She never stops typing.

Back at the Embassy, Mark is surprised that he’s looking for Audrey. But he is. A nearby Secret Service agent points at the door and warns Mark that Audrey is in there, but he goes in anyway.

Someone taught Audrey how to read! She’s really freaked out because she knows what Heller is going to do. Mark picks that time not to say anything at the wrong time, and Audrey goes into meltdown mode when she realizes Mark knew the whole time. Mark insists that they keep this quiet, because it’s what Heller wanted to do. Audrey tries to cry some more, but can’t remember how.

6:55pm – Heller tells Jack that he gave him a pardon, so he can go back to the US any time he wants. Jack is about to point out that people might not believe Heller is in his right mind, going out to get blown up in a completely unguarded stadium. Chloe calls. She insists on describing how hard it is to decode all the data she’s seeing, as Jack watches Heller walk out in to the middle of the soccer field. He takes off his disguise hat. And his glasses. Just to be sure he’s recognized.

Margot and Ian watch on the drone cam, and realize Heller is really there. Margot insists on pulling the trigger on the drone missile, even though she’s never played this game before, and fires the missile. Heller explodes. Soon, every soccer fan in England will be after Margot and Ian when they realize what happened to their stadium.



Season 8 – 24 – 1 am to 2 am

Previously on “24”, we found that: So far, Fahrad is good at hiding; Kevin and Nick are not good at hiding; Security guards should hide from Jack; Everyone is looking for where those darn fuel rods are hiding.

The following takes place between 1 am and 2 am:

1:00 am – Outside the UN, Kayla and Tarin rehash things we’ve heard on previous episodes. Tarin wants to escape the subplot he’s in, and he wants Kayla to go with him. She’s seriously considering doing it too, since it’s very unlikely she’ll get to meet Jack Bauer, and that’s who she really wanted to meet.

1:01 am – Ever since Cole shot Nick, he’s been trying to resuscitate Kevin, who died of a knife wound last week. Dana convinces him that after a week of trying, if Kevin isn’t coming back to life, he’s never coming back. She wants Cole to take off so she’ll take the blame, but he has a much better idea: They’ll detail the van and dump Nick and Kevin’s bodies in the handy swamp they just happened to be parked right next to! Cole thinks that not only is the only way out of this situation, but if someone happens to find the bodies, they’ll just think that Nick and Kevin are some kind of swamp creatures… which wouldn’t be far from the truth.
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Season 8 – 24 – 12 am to 1 am

Previously on “24”, we found out that:

After Jack kills people with his feet, he likes to wash those feet off using leaky pipes; When Russians don’t like table settings, they’ll use a shotgun to rearrange things; Arlo is still a big, weasel; Josef left a necklace behind as his calling card to become known as the super villain “The Jeweler”; It should have occurred to someone to look for a eerily glowing truck, since it’s the one carrying the radioactive fuel rods.

The following takes place between 12 am and 1 am:

12:00 am – Josef arrives with the fuel rods. He doesn’t seem the least bit winded, despite what it must have taken to single-handedly get that thing in the back of the van. Meanwhile, Jack is with Bazhaev and coordinates a call to Josef through Chloe. Josef answers the call, expecting an apology about the pizza he ordered for delivery, but it’s just his father Sergei.

Jack, in an attempt to scare Josef into giving up the rods, announces that “Jack Bauer” is talking to him. Jack tells him that Sergei was able to negotiate an immunity idol away from Survivor, even though it’s on another network. Josef isn’t impressed by this at first, because he’s still pretty upset about Sergei shooting Olaf. Finally, after Sergei points out that people with real guns are going to start coming after him. Sergei also says it’s likely that the nuclear fuel rods are going to make Josef’s hair fall out. Josef finally asks how handing over the fuel rods would work and agrees to hand them over.

Unfortunately for Josef, Fahrad is on a nearby rooftop with a guy holding one of those laser pointers. The guy points the laser pointer at Josef, sets off a loud “bang” sound effect and Josef falls over dead from fright.

In his deft management style, Hastings wants Jack to bring back Josef to CTU, clearly not paying attention to the fact they have no idea where Josef is. Fahrad and his bad guys get to the van, not realizing that the phone Josef was using was still on. Jack over hears part of their plan, which is that they need to make a new plan. At this point, one of the bad guys who has had a very bad experience with overage charges, sees the cell phone and stamps on it. This doesn’t seem to faze any of the other people with him, since they’re used to his hatred of cell phones.

12:07 am – Chloe analyzes the voice they were able to record from the cell phone before it was smashed, and discovers it was indeed Fahrad.

Arlo comes over and tells Hastings that Rob from the White House is on the phone.

Chloe calls Jack to ask how long it’s going to take to get Bazhaev to them, and to ask how he is doing after getting zapped with a car battery jumper cable. Jack says he is O.K. because he already cheered himself up by killing a couple of the bad guys. He then asks to talk to Renee who offers to sew him up as soon as she sees him, since she WAS the one that knifed him. They make some idle conversation about how Renee has to stick to her story, and that everything will be all right.

12:08 am – Hastings is in his office, and man, he’s excited because he gets to take custody of a real live Russian mafia guy within the next 15 minutes. He takes Rob’s call, and Rob rehashes everything we’ve seen over the last 8 minutes.

Rob is worried that Hastings is going to fail, which while it would be bad for Hastings, Rob asks Hastings to see the big picture: It’s going to be REALLY bad for Rob if things fail. So, he hatches a plan: Blame Renee! He’s already set things into motion, and has even ordered some “Blame Renee” t-shirts and bumper stickers. Hastings doesn’t want to blame Renee for anything, even questioning the fact that Vlad was stabbed fifteen times, since technically it could be self-defense. If it had been 200 times, then maybe it could have been on purpose, but even then he isn’t sure. Rob is sending Kristin Smith to “handle” everything.


12:14 am – Cole gets a phone call from Arlo, and asks about Dana. Arlo starts to explain that he suspects Dana is the last Cylon, but Cole just wants to know where she is. Arlo sends the coordinates of where Dana is to Cole’s phone, and Cole leaves to go after her.

12:16 am – Dana pulls up her car to a secluded area where Kevin has parked his van. It wouldn’t have been any kind of problem finding it, since the van is light blue with dents and large white pull tabs on top. Kevin and his buddy are in the van with a couple of girls. Dana is in her car with a gun, a silencer and a couple of bullets.
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Season 7 – 24 – 5 am to 6 am

If you’re new to the blog, here’s what’s going on:

Each week that “24” airs, Dave Barry hosts a “live blog” of what’s happening on the show. Dave and the readers of the blog post funny comments about things they see in the show. While this is going on, I write a summary of the show with all my comments. I post that over on Dave’s blog, and here on my own.

Hope you like this week’s summary!

Previously on “24”, We found out that: Jonas forgot the first rule of witness protection – Never get into a car that’s wired for explosives, probably “accidentally” set there by Olivia; Jibraan gave a speech to a video camera that rivaled Janice’s acting ability; Tony must hate Subway sandwiches, because he wants to blow one up; Chloe discovered the S&H green stamps on the bank deposits looked fake; Jack was given forgiveness, but didn’t want it, so he’s about to trade it in for some revenge instead.

5:00 am – Evil woman is talking on the phone while a guy in an Intel Bunny Suit plays around with the canister. He tests it, even letting the smoke get all over him, and even though Evil woman isn’t wearing a bunny suit and anyone else would be running around screaming like a maniac, she doesn’t look very concerned.

5:02 am – Tony wires up Jibraan with a microphone. Jibraan gets his hopes up that he might be getting punked, but Tony pretty much shoots that down by being extra scary and threatening Jibraan’s brother. Tony tells Jibraan to go down into the subway while he watches from the van.

Meanwhile, Evil Woman is getting ready for a costume party by putting on 1960s hair, which makes her look like that great half of Sonny and Cher… yes, I’m speaking of Sonny Bono. She takes the canister, which probably hasn’t even been washed off, and puts it into a bag.

5:04 am – Jack questions Jibraan’s brother, who hasn’t read far enough into the script to know what’s going on, so that’s a dead end. The guy that got stabbed with the mirror shard still isn’t dead, but he looks like he’d be ready for a bit part in a remake of Dawn of the Dead. He won’t say anything about it, but Jack convinces him by pressing on his neck, which has to be the least violent thing Jack has ever done. The guy with the massive neck wound agrees to call Tony after Jack “convinces” him.
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Season 7 – 24 – 4 am to 5 am

If you’re new to the blog, here’s what’s going on:

Each week that “24” airs, Dave Barry hosts a “live blog” of what’s happening on the show. Dave and the readers of the blog post funny comments about things they see in the show. While this is going on, I write a summary of the show with all my comments. I post that over on Dave’s blog, and here on my own.

Hope you like this week’s summary!

Previously on “24”: Tony found a new way to use a shower curtain and he will use it, in case the canister doesn’t work out; Olivia continued to think that just because her mom is President, her opinion actually counts for something; Chloe came back to fix the computers that Janis can’t figure out; Jack yelled at Janis which made millions of people really happy, but from the look on her face, none of what Jack said sank into her thick skull.

4:00 am – At the Pakistani home, Tony and his evil woman have broken in, and finally got their free Internet access. They also uploaded a lot of propaganda to the Jibraan’s computers, trying to make it look like he spends way, way too much time on Facebook, and to make him look like a terrorist.

Tony wants Jibraan to read a statement to a camera, which Jibraan is hesitant to do because it declares that his favorite website is Geocities. He’s pretty upset about it.

4:05 am – At FBI, Chloe tells Jack that they’ve gone through everything on Twitter, and have seen no mention of an attack anywhere in the DC area. Jack wants to expand this to Muslim extremists since Jonas Hodges said he was going to use them as a cover. When Janice objects, Jack asks if she has a better idea. Janice suggests they look at everyone that isn’t an extremist, and then when they have all of them eliminated, look at everyone who’s left over. Jack thinks it would be quicker if they did things his way, and Janice finally agrees.

Jack has a brief memory lapse and walks away. This surprises Chloe, since Jack can recite nearly as many digits of PI as she can. She confronts Janice and Renee, who tell him that Jack got the wrong end of the deadly gas, and Jack exposed himself.

Chloe’s pretty upset, and confronts Jack, telling him that he needs to be at the hospital. Jack says that it would make for a much more boring show if he did that. Chloe makes a very, very sad face. Sadder even than when Edgar died. Jack tells her that they need to find Tony, and she’s the only one that can help him, other than everyone else in the FBI.
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Season 7 – 24 – 3 am to 4 am

If you’re new to the blog, here’s what’s going on:

Each week that “24” airs, Dave Barry hosts a “live blog” of what’s happening on the show. Dave and the readers of the blog post funny comments about things they see in the show. While this is going on, I write a summary of the show with all my comments. I post that over on Dave’s blog, and here on my own.

Hope you like this week’s summary!

Previously on “24”: Jonas was offered a red pill, but instead of freeing himself from the 24 Matrix, it nearly killed him; Tony shot himself, since there wasn’t anyone else around to shoot and he got bored; Renee was very distraught about Larry’s death, and stared off into space to emphasize her grief; Jack figured out that Tony isn’t acting in the government’s best interest, mainly because Tony told him so; Kim listened to Jack, for once, but at exactly the wrong time; Jack’s reaction to Tony’s revelation is to fall down to the ground and try to break dance, which wasn’t nearly as cool as Jack had hoped.

3:00 am – Jack’s in an ambulance, getting some medication for the seriously bad break dancing he was doing, and is able to mumble enough to tell Renee that Tony has to be stopped. Renee thinks he said, “Tony has the mops”. After calling Home Depot, she realizes he means, “be stopped”.

Renee radios agent about Tony. Agents near Tony misinterpret this and play “catch the bullet” with Tony, and lose. Since they’re unlikely to rise from the dead (and even if they did, they’d just shamble), Tony takes their car.

At this point, Jack is awake enough to tell Renee that he made a big mistake about Tony: He’s Evil Tony, not Good Tony. Jack tells her they need to call Mrs. President, so she can worry about what’s going to happen too.

3:06 am – Tony, fresh from his confession to Jack and mini killing spree, is tired, so he goes to a motel for some rest. Unfortunately, there’s a guy in the room who wants to talk to Tony about the canister and money, and Tony just wants to rest. The guy asks for proof that Tony wired the money to his account, and Tony gives him a small piece of paper with a fortune on one side, and the account number on the other. He throws Tony a bag, after checking the account has the money in it.
Tony sees that the bag contains a phone book that is completely unlike a canister, and turns around to see the guy pointing a gun at him.

If the guy had only read the fortune: “Things aren’t going to work out well for you”, he would have realized his double cross wasn’t going to work. Tony uses his slick Phonebook-Fu moves, gets the gun away, and chokes him with a handy shower curtain, which will likely be an extra charge when he checks out in the morning.
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Season 7 – “24” – 12 am to 1 am

Last time on 24: Jack took off his clothes in the middle of the street, stopping traffic for miles; Jack’s also infected, and it’s not from previously touching Audrey; Olivia is Head Staff Weasel; Tony raided an empty warehouse.

12:00 am – Tony and Larry talk out of the corner of their mouths, as if the guys pointing guns at them don’t see them talking. Three Humvees drive up, because that’s how many it takes to bring Hodges to talk to Larry.

Jonas yells a lot and pretends that he’s innocent of doing all kinds of bad things. He tells Larry that he wants Greg back, because Greg chafes a lot if he’s kept captive too long.

12:03 am – Out of no where, Jack realizes that someone might be able to help – a guy named Deus Ex Machina, going under the alias Douglas Knowles, the chairman of Starkwood.

Jack gives him a call, and it turns out that Douglas was hoping Jack would call. He’s probably a big 24 fan. They rehash the current state of the plot for a little while, just in case everyone happened to forget what occurred last week. This is a regular feature on the show, usually with different people talking about what happened the week before.

Douglas thinks he might know where a bio-weapon might be hidden – in the Bio-Weapon hanger on the Starkwood compound.
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Season 7 – “24” – 11pm to 12 am

Previously on 24: Tripp from Star Trek: Enterprise beamed away just at the right time; Renee was left in a holding room, completely unable to communicate with anyone, except via a cell phone that was left behind; Jack exposed himself.

11:00 pm – Out in the middle of the street, several of the Intel bunny suit guys have come to Jack’s rescue, and they’re trying to help him. Having just exposed himself to the deadly gas, Jack exposes himself to one of the doctors, who goes completely speechless. Jack covers this by saying they must be looking at his scars.

11:01 pm – Meanwhile, back at FBI headquarters, Larry is exposed to another agent that’s toxic on the nerves – Janis. Larry explains everything that happened last show, and wants Janis to help gather information on Starkwood.

11:02 pm – The completely inconspicuous helicopter carrying the completely inconspicuous deadly nerve agent arrives at Starkwood, exactly at the same time as the car carrying Tony, which either means they have really slow helicopters, or really fast cars. Maybe both. Jonas is convinced that Tony won’t talk, because he’s seen the show before, and he’s read several pages ahead in the script. Jonas gives one of his henchmen a scary pep talk, and they drive off in yet another truck, with the tanks completely uncovered, which is the best way to sneak things past everyone that’s looking for them.

11:05 pm – The thugs beat up on Tony, who’s doing a very credible impersonation of a punching bag. Jonas tries to sweet talk Tony, but it doesn’t do any good. Tony is not talking. One of Jonas’ men, Greg, thinks it would be a good idea to destroy all the evidence – To say that Jonas is not on board… well, let’s put it this way, Jonas is so off board on this he could do a swan dive at any moment.
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Season 7 – 24 – 10 pm to 11 pm

Last time on 24, we found out that: Jack has special training in all variety of weapons, including dirt movers; People who were wrong about Jack, who find that out and want to help, usually end up dead; Olivia is either not a sleazy weasel, or she is a sleazy weasel. We’re not sure which yet.

10:00 pm – Outside Senator Foreman’s house, the Senator is being paid by “24” to stay really still while Agent Larry looks things over.

10:01 pm – Ethan gets a phone call from Larry, who tells him that the Senator is now in line for the Dead Senator Sketch. Ethan gets so upset that he forgets his lines, and Agent Larry has to coax him into talking.

10:02 pm – Jack gets on the phone with Tony, and recaps everything that happened up until now. Jack talks fast, because a lot of things have happened. They agree to meet.

10:05 pm – Mrs. President talks to the First Manny, who’s in a hospital bed trying to move some facial muscles to express his happiness that Olivia is back. He can barely move, which kind of begs the question about how he got his hands on the phone in the first place.

10:06 pm – Mrs. President is riding high on the phone call from the First Manny, so of course Ethan has to bring her down to earth by telling her that one of her fellow cast members on the show is playing dead. Ethan also takes this opportunity to make sure he never has to work with Olivia again – he resigns. He uses the excuse that he let Jack be released, but we all know that he doesn’t want to work with Olivia. There’s lots of talk of agendas, legacies, and some creepy hand holding, but she finally accepts.
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