24: The Next Day – 9 am to 10 am

The following takes place between 9 am and 10 am

9:00 a.m. – Chloe is stunned to see the large metallic “RoboEdgar”, and watches as he goes around the corner of the donut shop. She can’t believe that Edgar hadn’t eaten the two donuts when she saw him walk out of the building, and realizes something must be terribly, terribly wrong.

9:01 – Chloe contacts CTU to let them know about RoboEdgar. Everyone immediately springs into action: Bill checks to make sure that the refrigerator is still stocked, Jack checks his ammo supply, and Howard runs to get his security blanket from his moped. Jack tells Chloe to stay where she is and that someone from CTU will be there soon. Jack grabs Curtis on the way out, and they leave.

9:03 – Back at the LA compound, Cheney Looking Guy (CLG) is back, and he looks a little nervous. VP Scary (VPS) has changed from his VP costume into dark robes with a hood. He tells one of the secret service agents to inform the padwans he wants to see them.

9:04 – CLG tells VPS that he needs to see the Secretary of Defense right away and wants to know where the Secretary is. VPS waves his hand and says “It’s not the Secretary of Defense you’re looking for. Move Along”. CLG tells VPS that he’s not really looking for the Secretary of Defense, and that he has to move along.

9:06 – Ex-president Manilow is driving a car down the expressway when the phone rings. Manilow immediately starts explaining that it’s not his fault that he signed the papers, and if things had gone as planned in the first place, Ex-President AllState wouldn’t have been shot. Then the phone rings again, and Manilow realizes he hasn’t answered the phone, and that he has been talking to himself. This time he answers, and it’s the Guy with the Cell Phone Head Piece in His Ear Which Makes Him Look like a Hollywood Agent. (GWTCPHPIHEWMHLLAHA… which coincidently is a town in Wales).

9:08 – Manilow starts whining about not being the president any more, and Hollywood tells him that if everything goes according to the new plan, he’ll be president again soon.

9:09 – VP Scary says he feels a disturbance in “The Force”, that it’s as if a million people cried out at once and then were silenced. A secret service agent points out that it was probably a million “24” fans realizing that Manilow might be back, and turned off their TVs.


9:14 – Chloe gets impatient and wonders what she can do about RoboEdgar. She remembers there’s an electronics outlet nearby, and gets in her car and the car drives her to it.

9:15 – Audrey goes to her father’s room, announces that the staff says it’s OK for her to take him downstairs to the car, and then home. After a great struggle, she gets him into the wheelchair and starts pushing him down the hallway. The Secretary is making a lot of mumbling noises that Audrey can’t quite make out. Audrey wheels him right past the elevator towards the stairs, and starts to take him down that way. Amazingly, she’s in complete control of the wheelchair – for exactly one stair. The rest of the stairs are less “in control” and more “completely out of control”, and the wheel chair goes bouncing down the entire flight of stairs. Audrey runs after the wheelchair and is completely relieved to find that her father is completely safe, upstairs in his room. She grabbed the wrong person by mistake.

9:19 – Back at CTU, Howard announces to everyone that he, through some intrepid analysis, has discovered that RoboEdgar is knocking over donut shops in order to disable the police departments throughout the city. Bill says that’s very cliché, and if someone were writing about everything that happened right now, that person wouldn’t sink to the level of making a “cops and donuts” reference.

9:21 – Chloe arrives at the electronics store, and heads for the computer section. A store employee named Roger who looks like he’s about twelve goes up and asks Chloe if “the little lady” needs some help. Chloe asks what they have. Roger tells her they have a nice little computer that has 16 MB of RAM, a five and a half inch floppy drive, a dial-up internet account, a 10 inch monitor that would suit her every computing need. Chloe tells him that she was thinking more along the lines of a 1000 node cluster with quad processors with a high speed interconnect, 15 exabytes of storage, 10Gbps networking, and a tiled display wall with at least 40 panels, at a minimum. Roger seems stunned for a second and mumbles something about having to check in back, and starts to leave. Chloe interrupts him and says, “Listen you little embryo, I don’t have time for this. What I really need is three 802.16 compliant devices, a box of Indium Antimonide quantum well transistors, and as many dual processor motherboards as you have.” Roger just stares at her, his mouth opening and closing with no noise coming out. Chloe rolls her eyes, says something about having to improvise, and asks where the rest of the telephones are. Roger points across the store, and Chloe heads over there.

9:25 – Audrey enters the hospital room where her father, the Secretary of Defense is sleeping. He slowly starts to wake up, sees Audrey and screams, “I’m doomed! Saint Peter! I belong up there! I don’t want to burn down here!” Audrey tells him that he doesn’t have to have his room moved upstairs, and that he’s coming with her. The Secretary realizes he’s not dead, but he doesn’t look very reassured that everything will be OK.


9:29 – Jack and Curtis arrive at the donut shop, and don’t see Chloe. They do see the massive devastation that RoboEdgar left behind, as well as many police officers pointing at the donut shop and crying. A man comes running out of the building nearly running into Jack. Jack asks what the big hurry is, and the guy tells him that his name is Agent Morris, and that he needs to make a phone call right away. Jack tells Morris that he and Curtis are both with CTU and asks what he can do to help. Morris explains that the briefcase he was carrying is missing. He put the briefcase down in the donut shop to order something, and the shop was attacked. Jack asks what it is, and Morris tells him it’s a store where they sell pastries, but what’s really important is the briefcase, because it holds a nuclear device that he was transporting. Jack and Curtis look alarmed, but that’s because their digital watches both go off at the same time. Jack calls CTU to let Bill know what’s happening.

9:32 – After he gets off the phone, Jack notices an overturned hot dog cart and heads over to talk the vendors, never noticing that it’s really weird that a hot dog vendor is out at this hour in the morning.

9:33 – Hollywood FINALLY gets Manilow off the phone, and orders one of his Evil Interns to get caller id installed on the phone right away, just in case Manilow tries to call them.

9:34 – Chloe grabs eleven cordless telephones, some extension cords, and a roll of duct tape and heads for the check out lane. While she’s waiting, she has an idea. She grabs a two liter bottle of diet soda pop and a roll of Mentos while she’s waiting. The check out guy starts to try to sell Chloe a maintenance plan for the phones. Chloe pulls out her taser and zaps him, throws the money on the counter, and walks out.

9:36 – As Curtis, Morris and Jack reach the Hot Dog vendor, Curtis tells Jack that he’s seriously considering setting up a perimeter RIGHT NOW, since he hasn’t set one up in over an hour. Jack tells him to hold off a minute while they question a few people.

9:37 – Jack starts to talk to the Hot Dog Guy, who is busy trying to clean up the mess. Jack asks him whether he saw a large metallic man go by this way. Hot Dog Guy tells Jack he saw the guy they’re looking for and that he went up the street, towards the factory. He also says they better get bigger guns because the guns Jack has won’t cut the mustard, and they should hurry if they want to ketchup. Jack squints his eyes at Hot Dog Guy, and Hot Dog Guy says “What? You don’t relish doing that?” Jack tells Hot Dog Guy to stop it with the stupid puns, or he’ll shoot him. Hot Dog Guy says, “OK, OK, I’m sorry. I knew the puns were cheesy”. Jack shoots him in the thigh.

9:39 – Audrey’s in front of the hospital with her father, and they’re arguing about who’s going to drive. Audrey says tells him that she’s losing her patience, and a passing doctor that he has a problem with losing his patients too.


9:44 – Chloe calls Jack. Jack asks where she is, and she explains that she’s going to try and improvise a tracking device. Jack says that acting like a tracking device at a moment like this isn’t probably the best thing to do, and tells Chloe that she should try building one instead. Chloe has a look on her face that would make Jack happy he’s not anywhere in taser range.

9:45 – Audrey finally lets her father take the keys, but only after he shows her the spare skin diving suit in his trunk. Audrey asks her father to try not to take a short cut like the last time he was at the wheel. They go driving off.

9:46 – Chloe tells Jack that she forgot the batteries, just as we see and hear a loud explosion behind Chloe, several blocks away. Jack asks what that is, and Chloe tells him it’s a small power source that can run electronic equipment, but the explosion is probably more important right now. Chloe says she’s not sure what exploded, but there sure is a lot of orange smoke in the air several blocks away. Chloe says she’s going to use the battery from her phone to finish the tracking device, and then head toward where the explosion happened. Jack looks around and sees the orange smoke too, and heads off in that direction with Curtis and Morris.

9:48 – Jack calls Audrey, and asks if she or her father have been in any explosions lately. Audrey says no, but that she saw one several blocks away. The Secretary jumps in the car and heads off toward where they heard the explosion.

9:49 – The Secretary stops the car, backs up and picks up Audrey. They both head off toward where the explosion happened.

9:50 – Chloe, Jack, Curtis, Morris, Audrey and the Secretary of Defense arrive in front of a large snack food factory, exactly at the same time.

9:51 – There’s orange “smoke” everywhere. Some lands on Jack, he tastes it, and tells everyone it’s powdered cheese. Jack asks a completely orange lady what happened. The orange lady, with orange cheese puffs in her hair, powdered orange face and an orange poodle points down the street, and says “Him!” We see orange footprints leading away from where the orange lady is pointing. There, walking away from them in the middle of the street is RoboEdgar, covered with orange cheese powder.


9:55 – Jack takes starts to take aim and Chloe stops him to point out the briefcase on the sidewalk. Jack and Morris rush over to the briefcase, only to find it empty. They turn around and Chloe is making her way toward RoboEdgar, who is still facing away from them. Jack yells at Chloe to get out of the way, and Chloe tells him that this is the only way. Jack points out that bullets have always worked pretty well for him, and he can think of quite a few other things to do right now. Chloe ignores this, and is able to sneak up behind RoboEdgar to slap the tracking device on his back with the duct tape.

9:56 – RoboEdgar turns around and sees Chloe. She tries to talk to him, but he doesn’t respond. She tries to hand him the roll of Mentos, while still trying to communicate with him. He still doesn’t recognize her at all. She sets down the 2 liter bottle of soda pop, and RoboEdgar grabs it and drinks it all without stopping to finish the Mentos. About a second later, soda pop goes flying out of his mouth, nose and ears. He looks REALLY mad. He swats Chloe to the ground, and presses a button on his chest. Rockets under his feet start to fire, and he lifts off into the sky, leaving in a cloud of orange dust. Chloe is covered with it.

9:58 – Jack runs to Chloe to see if she’s OK, and asks her why she did something like that. Chloe tells him she needed to get the tracking device on RoboEdgar so they could figure out who built him and where he was headed. She tells Jack that she brought the Mentos and the diet soda pop in case she needed to distract RoboEdgar. Jack asks if she noticed a manufacturing label on RoboEdgar, but Chloe said she didn’t see one.

9:59 – Bill calls Jack on speaker phone and tells him that CTU just received a tracking signal headed east at high speed. Jack asks where RoboEdgar could be headed, and Bill says that from the direction and trajectory, it seems likely that RoboEdgar was headed to Florida. Jack asks what the heck is happening in Florida. Howard says that they’re having some kind of an event in Miami, and that if RoboEdgar still has that nuclear device with him, the people at that event could be in really big trouble. Jack asks what event is happening there, and Chloe says that she knows. She tells Jack that there’s a large puzzle game that happens every year in Miami, and it attracts thousands of people. Jack asks what it’s called, and she says, “The Herald Hunt”.

10:00 am – Time’s up!

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