LOST Apollo Candy Bars on EBay

A few weeks ago, ABC went to several places in the country to give away Apollo Candy Bars, which is all part of the “LOST Experience” they’ve been running all summer. The LOST Experience, for those of you who haven’t been following it, is a series of websites, live events, and other activities that….. well, basically give people something to do while they’re waiting for LOST to start up again.

The fake website that ABC set up for the Apollo candy bars told people to meet at certain locations to pick up candy bars. At at least one event, they showed pilots for two of the shows they are going to start this fall: “Ugly Betty” and “Men in Trees”, but no Apollo candy bars.

The person I spoke to about this didn’t hang around until the candy bars showed up, so I’m guessing that some marketing genius thought it was a good idea to make people sit in front of the new shows before giving people their “rewards”.

This might be a way of getting those wasted hours back, or it just might be a way to get some money while they can (maybe both), but it looks like people are selling Apollo Candy Bars on EBay.

Via TV Squad

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