Lost Theories – How Penny knows Desmond is on the island

In the season two finale, we found out quite a bit more about Desmond. He was released from military prison for not following orders (which orders, we don’t know yet). Charles Widmore tried to buy him off to keep him away from Widmore’s daughter, Penny. Penny Widmore was able to track him down to talk to him right before he met Jack at the sports stadium. He really was attempting to travel around the world when he got stuck on the island. He’s been there for the last three years pushing that button and “saving the world

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  1. The theory about Widmore knowing about Desmond being on the Island has to be flawed for the following reason:

    The Scientists in the ‘watch hatch’ were only told to leave messages in those plastic cylinders (which they shot up through the ground and just ended up in a big heap out there on the Island for Jack et al to find later) about the behaviour of the Scientists in the ‘swan hatch’. There was no way they could have conducted any checks or contacted the outside world with any information. The island seems to be an entity on its own, as seperated from the outside world as the outside world is separated from the island.

    So this brings me to my theory that penny is not just an innocent bystander in all this. The girl has skills – She tracked Desmond pretty well to find him at the stadium. I believe she has something to do with the Dharma Initiative itself. We will see…

  2. That’s making the assumption that the people in the watch hatch never told anyone about what they saw, or that the “watch hatch” is the only group of people watching what’s going on in the main hatch.

    In the last episode of the season, someone said that the people doing the watching might have been part of an experiment, not the people in the hatch as implied. If that’s true, then more people of the “watch hatch” would know about it. Since the main hatch wasn’t really an experiment, then I think it’s reasonable to assume that the “watch hatch” was.

    I absolutely agree that Penny has more going on than meets the eye, although I’m not sure she’s part of the conspiracy. I’ve been thinking about that, and I’ll post something about what I think about Penny in a future posting.

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