Character Questions Will Be Answered This Season

The New York Post has a long article on questions that will be answered about the LOST characters this season.

One of the questions that’s been bothering me since season one has been, how will they explain Walt’s rapid growth? It’s only been 60 or so days on the show, and it’s been three years of “real world” time. Kids that age grow up quick. They plan on giving us an explanation for that this season.

Other questions they mention in the article are:

How did Locke get in that wheelchair in the first place?

What are The Others doing? What are up against?

Who is Sun’s baby’s father?

All will be revealed…. well, maybe not all right away, but we’ll get some answers this season. They also promise we’ll get to know just about everything about The Others this season too.

The second episode will center around Locke, and the third will center around Sun and Jin.

Five more episodes to go until the mid-season cliffhanger!