What Factions Are There In The Others Camp?

Spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen all the shows up to Season 3, episode 2, don’t read this…

Wednesday we’re going to hit the third episode of Season three. We have a pretty good sense there are different factions within The Others camp, but we still don’t know for sure which Others are lined up with each other.

We do have a pretty good hint about Alexandra; she helped Claire escape from The Staff station (the medical facility), and she is trying to figure out what happened to Karl. If she were totally “in line” with whomever is really in charge, she probably wouldn’t have done that either of those things.

Danny and Colleen are pretty chummy and they both seem to be completely on board with whatever Ben says.

Ben has a “I guess I’m not in the book club” and “You never make soup for me” attitude with Juliet, and frankly it’s a little annoying. Ok, we get it! Ben’s being snotty with Juliet. Woop de doo.

From the scene in the book club meeting, Juliet seems pretty darn fed up with people cow-towing to Ben.

…And that’s just this group of people at the Hydra station. There might even be “Other Others” elsewhere on the island.

Anyway, the thing that’s a little creepy about how Juliet is handling the whole thing is that while she’s not in Ben’s pocket, she sure is carrying out the orders. I thought it was a little disturbing when Sawyer said that Juliet would have “no problem” shooting Kate.

Lost has a habit of introducing characters that aren’t exactly what they first appear to be. Is Juliet, who seems sympathetic now going to turn out to be a really nasty character? Is Ben going to turn out to be better than he appears to be right now?