PS3 vs A Chainsaw

So, someone decided to chainsaw a PS3. The question is, do they really? They talk it up, they smash the box, but they never show the PS3 itself.

After watching it, I think it’s a hoax.

So, what do you think? Did they actually destroy the PS3, or is this a hoax?

3 thoughts on “PS3 vs A Chainsaw”

  1. Fake. The throwing of the box…wrong. The thing would fall like a stone, not fly/land gently like it did. Sawing through it was too easy as well; it would have had sparks, clanging, etc.

    Fake fake fake.

    Neat ideas, tho.

  2. Fake! If this guy was half as determined as he says he is to piss off PS3 fans and owners, he would have shown the system after cutting it.

  3. these guys are both homos and really have no life. its just fucking video games, they proli still live in there moms basement having circle jerks everynight to xbox.

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