Michael Emerson talks about what it’s like to be on Lost

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin has a great article on Michael Emerson, the actor that plays Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus on Lost. It talks about his background in theater, what the differences are between being an actor on TV and an actor on stage, and how he approaches acting roles.

He also reveals a few hints about what’s coming next in Lost:

“He’s vulnerable now,” he said, referring to the trauma under Jack’s surgical knife that could lead to Ben’s demise. “There’s much more operating room drama to come; the operation has even more complications that lead to a number of crises,” he added, carefully choosing his words. New, powerful characters also will be introduced, and “there will be a struggle for power within the Others’ community.” Then he paused and smiled. “I have to be cagey about what I say.”

Via Honolulu Star-Bulletin

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