Kate Threatens to Quit

Fame must be tough with people hassling you all the time, but it really seems to have gotten to Evangeline Lilly (Kate from “Lost”). She’s so upset about the people the bother her, that she has threatened to quit the show.

You know, I think that celebrities probably do get hassled quite a bit, and probably more than they should. Having said that, if they’re really freaked out about this sort of thing, why did they become actors in the first place?

Lilly says that she just wants to go someplace where she won’t be recognized. Sooner or later, “Lost” will end, and her wish will come true. I’m not sure she’ll like it very much. I don’t think other actors have enjoyed it as much as they thought they would.

2 thoughts on “Kate Threatens to Quit”

  1. Y’know, it’s kind of silly and immature of her. Does she really think that if she stops being on the show, people will stop recognizing her? She’s out there already, it’s done, get over it. And then she’s hanging off of Dominic…you think she’s avoiding fans/press by hanging around him?

    I read a good interview that Will Smith gave over at AICN, and he talks about the moment that he realized things changed forever for him, and how he had to accept that, and how he was looking at his son (who starred in The Pursuit of Happyness with him) and how he sees that same moment is now occurring for his son…it’s a neat comparison. Read about it here.

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