Apple’s iPhone

Steve Jobs announced the iPhone today. Very impressive. It has a touch screen, gesture recognition, a sensor that detects when you’re turning the phone so you can use it sideways (to read web pages, for example), it plays iTunes, you can use Google Maps with it, it has WiFi…. There’s a 4 Gig version for $499, and an 8 Gig version for $599.

Yes, I want one.

Maybe two.

You know, as for a spare.

…Anyway, it’ll be released in June, and Cingular will be carrying it. I imagine we’ll be seeing some deep discounts on Palm Treo and Windows Mobile phones this year. It’ll probably be a loooong time before they discount the iPhone though.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s iPhone”

  1. Yeah, I saw that! You’d figure that they would have straighted out this a lot earlier than announcement day. Jobs said that they were close to signing a deal when he announced iPhone. Apple put itself into a bad position by not getting something signed before that announcement. Now Cisco holds all the cards.

    My guess is that it’ll be renamed ApplePhone.

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