Welcome to the Visitors from Dave’s Blog!

Welcome to everyone from Dave Barry’s Blog. And yes, I’ll be posting summaries of episodes during season 6.

As a warm up, I’ll be doing the first couple of episodes of Season 5 over the weekend. Why is that, you might ask? Well, I didn’t really start doing summaries until episode 4. The reason I started doing them in the first place was that Dave wasn’t going to be able to see episode 4, and he asked for a summary from the folks that regularly do the “live blog” over there. I decided to write it up, and do it in the “MST3K” spirit that everyone was using on the blog. Turns out that people liked it, so I kept it up.

If you’re interested in seeing what that was like you can read my season 5 summaries on it’s page.

Remember, Jack is back on Sunday!

Get Ready!