24 Season 6 – Episode 2 – 7 am to 8 am Summary

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Summary of “24”, Season 6, Episode 2

Previously on 24: They show us clips of things we just watched.

The following summary occurred between 7 am and 8 am

7:00 am – Fayed’s men are looking for him in the sewers, and one of them really wants to get out of there because of the American sewer alligators he’s heard about. Jack makes it outside!

7:01 am – Back at CTU, Milo is with Morris trying to bring up the latest videos from YouTube, but it’s restricted access, so they start looking for Assad elsewhere. Milo says, “If we can’t find Assad, Jack bought the farm for nothing”. Morris thinks that’s a pretty good deal on farmland, but Chloe tells Milo to shut up.

7:02 am – Jack grabs a handy can of paint and a handy car and a handy cell phone and calls Bill at CTU. Jack’s voice seems to be back. Jack tells Bill that Assad is the wrong target, and to call off the airstrike. Bill doesn’t seem to be convinced, despite the numerous times Jack has been right in the past. They call President Wayne. Wayne starts to apologize AGAIN, and Jack tells him that he has to stop the bombings. Everyone nearly simultaneously says, “Well, I don’t know….”. Have these people NOT seen Jack in action?

7:06 am – Haig doesn’t believe Jack, and of course, Janosz is all for killing Assad too, because he just wants to see more people killed. We get a shot of what one of Jack’s hands looks like, and Jack really really needs some skin cream. Jack drives off after typing latitude and longitude coordinates into the handy cell phone he found in the car. I bet the owner of that phone is going to get a BIG long distance bill next month. “But, I never called the White House!”

7:08 am – Fayed calls Ahmed, asking if he has “the package”. Ahmed says he doesn’t have “the package”. He’s at “a neighbor’s house”. Fayed doesn’t recognize this code word, and Ahmed tells him that he really is at a neighbor’s house. Fayed tries to guilt Ahmed into leaving.

7:09 am – Amhed leaves the house and his friend goes after him. Ahmed gets a serious and “foreshadowy” look on his face saying things like, “The world has been a crazy place for a long time, you just haven’t been paying attention”. Boo scary.

7:10 am – Back at CTU, they’re watching helicopters zero in on Assad’s location. They have it patched in at the White House too, but not until they realize they were watching a video game contest on G4, and had to switch the channels.

7:11 am – Jack arrives at Assad’s location, way ahead of the helicopters and tries to figure out where Assad might be. Jack takes out a terrorist lackey with a big stick. Then he grabs another terrorists just as the terrorist goes out the back door. They both go inside.

7:12 am – Jack pulls out his gun, and Assad pulls out his gun, and they play the equivalent of a staring contest with guns while Jack explains while he’s there.

7:13 am – Jack realizes that the transponder that Fayed was talking about must been on one of the terrorist lackeys. Assad tells him that they’ve already checked everyone’s shoes as per airport security regulations, and none of them have a transponder. Jack tells Assad that it must be in one of their pockets. Jack puts down his gun!

7:14 am – One of the guys tries to make a break for it, and Assad finds a transponder on him. Jack gives Assad, a “See? I told you!” look, and Jack, Transponder Terrorist and Assad run out of the house seconds before the helicopters blow it up.


7:19 am – Walid Al-Rezani is talking to some FBI agents about the Islamic-American Alliance they’re standing in. The FBI agents don’t have a warrant, and an attorney asks them to leave before she gets them on the cutting edge of legal technology. And, it turns out that the attorney is Wayne’s sister, Sandra.

7:21 am – Sandra complains about the FBI to Wayne, and she goes into a very transparent political speech for a while. Sandra and Walid kiss after the phone call.

7:22 am – Bill calls Palmer with the news that Assad is still alive, which upsets pretty much everyone. Wayne asks Janosz, who seems to be going under the name, “Tom”, what Assad’s next move will be. Tom says that considering that he just had the greatest victory of his life by evading complete destruction by some military helicopters, it’s likely he’s going to Disney World, but that he thinks the attacks will continue.

7:25 am – Fayed gets out at a terrorist warehouse where they’re strapping high explosives to a terrorist lackey, who asks why the guys in charge are never the people that blow themselves up, but everyone ignores him while Fayed makes a speech about devotion.


7:31 am – Jack is still running around with Assad and the guy that was carrying the transponder, and they run into a house where someone just pulled away with a moving truck that was half empty, even though the house still has some things in it, including a very symbolic American flag that someone is very patriotically using as a window shade. Assad explains that with Fayed out of the way, Mid-East states can negotiate peace with the West. Seeing the scars on Jack’s back stops him in his tracks. Jack sees this, gets all shy, and leaves the room.

7:32 am – Chloe grabs a picture from a satellite, and sees Jack in the picture with Assad, in a realistic stop motion definitely not Photoshop-ed picture. She shows it to Bill, and Bill tells her to keep it quiet. She explains that pictures don’t talk, but that movies do, but Bill has already left her desk.

7:33 am – Assad finds some car keys, and tells everyone to go to the bathroom because when they leave they’re not going to stop. When Jack tries to convince him that going to CTU would be a good idea, Assad does a great Jack impression and tells Jack that he’s going to do this on “his terms”.

7:34 am – Transponder Terrorist wakes up and Jack grabs him by the throat, which isn’t good because Jack looks hungry still. Transponder Terrorist doesn’t say a thing about where Fayed is and Jack grabs a handy dandy pen and shoves it into the guy’s back, which is clearly going to hurt. They guy still doesn’t know, and Jack stops. Assad doesn’t understand why Jack stopped, and Jack tells him because the guy doesn’t know… “I can see it in his eyes”. Assad thinks he can tell that Transponder Terrorist’s knees know something because he shoves a knife in them. Transponder Terrorists says, “Oh THAT Fayed!” and spills his guts. Jack stops for a moment, and looks as though he thinks he’s losing his touch. Assad thanks Transponder Terrorist for telling him everything, pulls out the knife from his knee and plants it into his stomach. Yuck!

7:36 am – Assad tells Jack that since all his men are dead, Jack has to help him find Fayed. Jack tells him that “I don’t know how to do this anymore”. Assad says, “You’ll remember. Come on, it’s like riding a bike!”, and leaves.


7:41 am – Back at the Islamic-American Alliance, the FBI is back with their warrant. Sandra tries some legal mumbo-jumbo on the FBI, but it doesn’t work. She directs them to the room with the files, and goes on another computer to delete all the files. The guy looking for the files, and one of the FBI guys tells them they really shouldn’t be using Windows for something like this. Sandra comes back in the room and says that the files area erased, and they arrest her and Walid. You would think they have backups.

7:44 am – Back at Ahmed’s place, Ahmed breaks apart a wall to get a package out of it, voiding any deposit he might have had if that house was rented. One of the guys that tried to beat him up is back and starts beating Ahmed up, throwing him all over the place. Ahmed finds a gun, and shoots the guy dead (as opposed to shooting him alive).

7:46 am – Ahmed’s friend, who we finally find out is named Scott, comes in, sees everything. Scott tries to get Ahmed to call 911, but Ahmed pulls the gun out again, and gets a scary look on his face again as he explains how to pronounce his name. This guy is REALLY serious about how his name is pronounced.


7:50 am – Assad and Jack are on stake-out. Assad points out a couple of Fayed’s men wearing suits. One of them is the guy that has the explosive vest. Assad and Jack agree that this will really tear up the suit he’s wearing, so they go after him into the subway.

7:51 am – Assad explains bombing protocol to Jack, telling him that one guy is going to get on the subway car, and the other guy is going to be the one that leads them back to Fayed. Jack goes after the guy on the subway car.

7:53 am – Assad follows the other guy, who calls Fayed to ask him if he wants anything from McDonald’s on his way back.

7:54 am – Back on the subway car, a ticket taker asks Jack for a ticket, and Jack scares the snot out of the guy by telling him what is going on.

7:55 am – The bomber notices that the ticket taker started sweating a LOT and keeps looking at him, so he tries to detonate the bomb. Jack grabs the bomber’s hands, kicks him around a bit, and just as the guy is about to press the button, Jack kicks him out the door just as he explodes, leaving one less terrorist for Jack to deal with. Jack hits the emergency break button, and jumps off the subway car.

7:57 am – The handler guy calls Fayed, and tells him that there is distinct terrorist-related smoke that’s four blocks away from where they wanted it to be.

7:58 am – More dead people on TV, and Tom is trying to make President Wayne feel better by telling him the bombings were planned WAY in advance, which doesn’t seem to give Wayne all that much consolation. Haig comes into the room and tells Wayne that Fayed is behind everything, and they start telling each other that Jack was right all along.

7:59 am – Jack gets a phone call from Assad, who is still following the handler.

8:00 am – Time’s up!


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  1. I would like to know in the 7:41 am hour of season 6 ep2 when the FBI returns to the Islamic place and Sandra Palmer erases everything why does the African American FBI guy ask the other FBI guy “Are you sure”? To me this implies there is something more going with this FBI character.

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