24 Season 6 – Episode 4 – 9 am to 10 am Summary

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Summary of “24″, Season 6, Episode 4

The following summary occurs between 9 am and 10 am

9:00 am – Bill finds out that Namir escaped, and gives the “We have to do better than we’re doing, and we have to do it better” speech that executives given when their bonuses are on the line, and CTU people start scrambling.

9:01 am – Milo tells Bill that Namir knows a whole lot of things about nuclear engineering and is up to date, despite being held prisoner for some time now. Bill wants to make it a top priority, to find out how that kind of reading material got into the prison, but the real top priority is to find Namir.

9:02 am – Our first ANTI perimeter call, when Nadia says they WON’T be able to set up a satellite perimeter. Milo goes to talk to Morris who says he’s getting the latest shoe styles on his monitor for Chloe, and to go bother someone else. Milo then goes to Chloe, who says she’s didn’t ask Morris to do anything. Morris says, “Gotcha!”, but Milo doesn’t like that and tells him to just “process the images”.

9:03 am – President Wayne is pretty upset that there’s a rogue nuclear weapon on American soil, and wants to know if the rogue is Alliance or Horde. Lennox tells him that it would more likely be a fire-spec-ed mage, not a rogue. In any event, the nuclear device would likely be in a suitcase. Wayne wants to know why in the world the US is manufacturing suitcases for things like that. Haig says that there will be a LOT of little people icons that wouldn’t represent people anymore, unless they stop the terrorist from detonating the bomb. WAYNE SAYS, “GET ME JACK BAUER!”, which I think is safe to say is something we would all like to say at least once in a while when we’re in a bad situation at work.

9:04 am – Back at the storage warehouse, Curtis is still being really snotty with Assad, which I guess we have to give Curtis the benefit of the doubt about since Assad is, technically, a homicidal terrorist maniac. Sure seems like Curtis has some other reason for it though, and he better tell someone soon, because these little outbursts are getting old.

9:05 am – A REALLY loud ringing noise in Jack’s ear from that Babelfish he threw in there last hour, and he takes it out. He answers the phone, and it’s President Wayne, who has Jack’s phone number readily at hand. Wayne tells Jack that Jack better be right (will they LEARN?), and wants Jack to take over the search for Fayed, which as all the rest of us could point out, Jack has been doing all along without permission, thank you very much. AGAIN, Jack whines that he doesn’t think he’s up to it. Wayne promises Jack that he’ll get to shoot many people and many thighs. That convinces Jack.

9:06 am – Jack tells Curtis that he’s in charge now and that Assad is part of the team. Curtis REALLY doesn’t like this, and asks Jack what the heck happened to Jack in Chinese prison. Did they force him to make running away shoes or something? Jack asks what history Curtis has with Assad, and just as we’re about to find out….. Assad interrupts with an explosive proof PDA that’s still working. It says the nuclear device got to Fayed last Thursday, which was much too early since “24” just started last Sunday.
9:07 am – Jack calls Chloe, and uses the magic words, “I need you to do something for me”, which as usual makes Chloe say, “I’m busy”. He finally convinces her to look up anything she can find that ties Curtis with Assad, and she suggests giant rubber bands. Jack says he means information about what happened between them, and Chloe says she’ll look as soon as she can.

9:08 am – Namir arrives at the Terrorist Warehouse, and there’s typical rejoicing amongst the terrorists, which is to say Fayed tastes both Namir’s cheeks even though Namir is really sweaty.

9:09 am – They open up a suitcase, and voila, a random engine part that looks like it could be a nuclear device is in there. Namir says one of the parts he’s looking for is missing. Ahmed tells him that someone named, Ahmed is going to bring it. Namir asks “Who”? Fayed says, “Taj, from ‘Van Wilder’”. Namir says he loves that movie, and is satisfied that Ahmed is trustworthy.

9:10 am – Ahmed is popping pills like a self-medicating chiropractor, and Scott’s mom tells Ahmed that Ahmed’s dad is going to be VERY disappointed. Scott’s dad calls before Ahmed can answer, and for a brief second Scott’s dad has the upper hand in arguing with Ahmed about delivering the device to Fayed. Somehow, midway through the argument, Ahmed turns the tables and says he’ll only release one person, which makes Scott’s dad completely forget that he’s holding all the cards that Ahmed wants. Scott’s dad tells him to release Scott, so of course Ahmed releases Scott’s mom.

9:11 am – As soon as Scott’s mom gets in the car, she calls Scott’s dad. They both decide there is no reason whatsoever that Ahmed wouldn’t let Scott go after he did what they said, even though Ahmed has been spouting propaganda, killing neighbors and making them make weird pick ups and deliveries in town. Scott’s dad is going to make the delivery to Fayed.

9:13 am – Scott’s mom pulls over to call 911. She tells them that a terrorist has taken her son hostage, and just about asks for Jack Bauer, but stops herself and asks for the police.


9:19 am – Milo must never have heard of “sed”, because he’s upset that Morris sent him a file that was tab delimited instead of comma delimited. He can’t figure out how to convert it, and Milo and Morris start getting into a nerd fight. WELL…. Chloe comes over and turns out to be a bit more socially active than we thought, although I find it hard to believe that she actually dated someone that can’t do a global replace in an editor.

9:21 am – Bill calls Jack, who puts Scott’s mom on the line. She asks for his autograph, but Jack ignores this and asks about the terrorist that’s holding her son. She’s completely unhelpful, other than knowing the name “Fayed”.

9:22 am – Jack asks Bill who the closest team is, and well, it turns out that Jack is “as close as anyone”, and that Jack should “take his team with him”. What else is he going to do, drop the team off while he goes after Ahmed? Curtis doesn’t want Assad to come with, and looks for an ejection button for the backseat, but he left it in his other black SUV.

9:23 am – The ambassador from a non-descript Mid-Eastern country comes into the oval office to meet with President Wayne. Wayne says that he hopes that the ambassador will have a candid conversation with him. The ambassador looks around for Allen Funt, but doesn’t see him. Wayne and Haig explain that Assad wants to renounce terrorism, and enter politics because there’s where the REAL money is. The ambassador thinks that Assad is right. That is where the money is. Lennox asks if Assad speaks for a lot of terrorist organizations, and whether or not those terrorist organizations would be willing to “go union”. The ambassador thinks so, and leaves.

9:24 am – Once again, they admit to themselves that Jack was RIGHT ALL ALONG. Lennox isn’t buying it, takes a play from the same cards Curtis has been reading from, and is against the whole thing.

9:25 am – Wayne calls Jack and admits, YES, Jack was right all along. Now he wants to talk to Assad, which appears to REALLY bum out Curtis, because HE’S never talked to the President before. Wayne wants to make an arrangement with Assad, and Assad says he doesn’t know a thing about flower arranging. Wayne tells him that he’ll give him a full pardon, as along as he keep following Fayed, pledges a commitment to a lasting peace, and that Assad will work to create a sequel to Deep Space Nine. Curtis catches the drift of this, and from the look on his face he’s a Babylon Five fan, and doesn’t like the arrangement Assad is getting AT ALL. Does the friction between Curtis and Assad… Could they have been dating Chloe too?

9:26 am – Sandra calls for Wayne, but Lennox takes the call instead. She starts making a political speech to Lennox too, but Lennox isn’t buying it either.

9:27 am – Back at the detention center, Walid meets the guy he helped in line that alludes to the fact that “they’ll pay”. Walid asks him if that means a nice dinner out later after they explain what happened.

9:30- am – Scott’s dad arrives at the Terrorist Warehouse, and immediately is taken hostage. Fayed takes Scott’s dad hostage, and after promising Scott’s dad that he’ll keep Scott alive, he promptly shows yet again he’s a bad guy by calling Ahmed and telling him to kill Scott. This is typical terrorist antisocial behavior.


9:37 am – Wayne says Assad’s paperwork looks in order, and tells the attorney general to not shuffle the pages. Haig and Lennox come in and try and figure out the spin on giving Assad a pardon, and Wayne says it’s more like Twister.

9:39 am – In broad daylight, they go to surround Scott’s house. Jack’s going in alone!

9:39 am – It looks like Ahmed’s drugs are taking effect, because he’s zoning out. Ahmed starts playing “Ahmed says” with Scott, telling him to stand up, then to kneel down. Just as Ahmed is about to shoot, Curtis breaks through the door with one of his men, and with all kinds of shooting, everyone completely misses Ahmed, who goes running through the door. Someone shoots Ahmed who drops like a sack of terrorist falafel. Scott tells Jack the address that Ahmed gave his father. Jack calls CTU, and they go into Flank 2 position.


9:48 am – At CTU, Chloe apologizes for only having satellite images of Fayed’s location from ten minutes ago. That slacker!

9:49 am – President Wayne is briefing everyone in the oval office to prepare for a really spectacular special effect in the Los Angeles area. Bill calls to tell him that the suitcase nuke might have been found, but that the images are ten minutes old.

9:50 am – Sandra goes to Walid, who tries to give her some information about words he heard which were said by some people he suspects are terrorists. It sounded something like “Ohwha tagoose iam”. She tries to blow him off, saying that the words he’s saying are a mid-eastern desert. Walid presses, and Sandra finally agrees to tell someone.

9:50 am – Jack carries in a special Get Out of Jail Free folder to Assad, with Curtis lurking in the background. Jack explains this to Curtis, and Curtis seems to accept this…. But not really, because he uses some really non-committal words.

9:51 am – Scott’s mom returns and talks to Jack. Chloe calls to tell Jack that Curtis has a history with Assad, and that Assad’s men took a squad that Curtis was in charge of hostage during the war, and beheaded a couple of his men. I think that qualifies as “has an issue”.

9:53 am – Assad signs the agreement, and leaves the house. Curtis follows. Jack goes running out of the house after Curtis, and Curtis has a gun on Assad! Jack gives plenty of chances for Curtis to put down the gun, but Curtis put his mad face on today and won’t listen to Jack. Jack shoots Curtis in the shoulder! Curtis looks at Jack like he can’t believe it! No perimeters for Curtis for a while! Who’s going to drive Jack around now? I think this is definitely going to put a strain on their relationship. UPDATE: Well, it turns out that it’s going to be a REALLY big strain on the relationship, because Curtis wasn’t shot in the shoulder, he was shot in the neck, and he’s dead, which wasn’t quite apparent when Curtis slumped over last night. This is going to put a severe dent in the Perimeter department at CTU.

9:54 am – That terrorist Jack ate a few hours ago must not have agreed with him because Jack throws up. Shooting Curtis probably had something to do with it too. Maybe it’s the eerie music with a woman moaning that’s doing it. Whatever it is, Jack calls Bill and tells him that he’s out. Bill says, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”. Jack replies that he’s not going to do this CTU stuff anymore. We can also see Jack’s finger makeup peeling.

9:56 am – Nadia calls Bill to tell him that Ahmed is free to make the next White Castle movie.

9:57 am – A lot of army guys that are playing extras on the show start to storm the Terrorist Warehouse, so we know this won’t end well because there are no “big name” actors with them. At first, things go pretty well, with a couple of terrorists getting wiped out right away. Unfortunately, things don’t go too well after that.

9:58 am – The terrorists detonate the nuclear device using the big silver denotation switch. Jack sees it go off, as does everyone in the White House. The property values in that part of town are going to go way down.

9:59 am – Nadia is able to translate the phrase the Walid heard…. It means “five visitors”! That means there are four more nukes out there! That means the spectacular special effect we just saw might happen several more times before the day is over.

10 am – Time’s up!


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6 thoughts on “24 Season 6 – Episode 4 – 9 am to 10 am Summary”

  1. Hi Steve

    What a remarkable coincidence. I’ve decided to put up a shingle in the ’24’ industry, too.

    I’ve been carefully following your work for a very, very, very long time, ever since I first found the Dave Barry 24 website, yesterday.

    Well, I put my attorney on the job, and has performed his due diligence and given me a green light to approach you with an offer: May I suggest a strategic alliance? One in which we can realize assured gains from our corporate synergies and economies of scale.

    As you or your corporate agents are certainly aware, Blader Industries, Inc., has developed a novel, proprietary software with which to predict major plot twists in each coming hour of 24, down to the number of bullet casings that actually are expended!!!

    With your summaries of each hour coupled to our plot line prognostication services, I think its fair to say that we can dominate the ’24’ market space while providing incredible value to our respective share holders.

    I wouldn’t at all be surprised if our competitors have already ‘been in your ear’, attempting to distort our record. I’m specifically addressing our erroneous prediction of a megaton explosion, not in Valencia CA but in Ames, IA.

    Rest assured that mistake was a consequence of some rouge code, which we’ve found and eliminated from our software. If anything, this incident testifies to our nimble ability to serve our clients.

    Together with you, my aspiration is to take the ’24’ brand summary and prognostication and make it synonymous with corporate nimbleness, much like the efforts of my great-great-granddaddy Aldophus Blader IV in making widgets synonymous with sound manufacturing principles.

    Get your attorney on line with my attorney and let them work out the details. I’ll be out on the golf course. LOL!!

    Ciao, Baby!!

    luv, Blader

  2. A 1 kiloton nuke would not be anywhere close to as harmful as the people on 24 have claimed it would be. I know that might not seem like a major flaw, but it bothers me more than most of the other ones on the show.


    If we were talking about a more densely populated area and a 10 kiloton weapon, then you could talk about 100,000 people dying. As it is, I’m having a hard time believing that there would be 100,000 people within the 3 mile range that would reasonably be affected by the blast (including fallout). Let alone that all 100,000 would die.

    I think that talking about 10,000 people dying would have been much more realistic and still terrible. Just not sure why it was necessary to try to kick it up to ridiculous levels. I wanted to be shocked by the bomb going off, but I was thinking “it’s really not all that bad as they’re making it seem.”

    A bomb like that at the super-bowl, however, would kill 100,000 or more people for sure. If they want me to be shocked, they’ll have to go for that route. Call me crazy.


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