24 Season 6 – Episode 9 – 2 pm to 3 pm Synopsis

LAST TIME ON 24: Just happened; you really don’t remember that?

The following summary occurred between 2 pm and 3 pm.

2:00 pm – Fayed’s helicopter lands after being able to fly around on the day a nuclear bomb went off, and no one seems to have realized this might be out of the ordinary, even if he is in a medivac helicopter. He calls Gredenko to let them know he has an arming device, while his thugs pull more silver suitcases out of a van. Gredenko is mad since his scheme requires five detonations, he’s only going to be able to use it for three, and he will NOT be able to get store credit for the other two. Gredenko tells Fayed that he has trucks coming in from Nevada, since California seems to devoid of trucks that are up to the job, and he’s decided to outsource. The trucks will be there in two hours.

2:01 pm – Bill calls a meeting at CTU to remind everyone of what they’ve all been working on so hard for the last few hours, and wants status updates on why they’re not making any progress. Chloe volunteers that it’s probably all the meetings they keep having to have status updates, but no one hears her says this. Milo, Nadia and Bill recite Gredenko’s biography from the Biography Channel, just to make it clear to everyone that he’s not a nice guy. Bill uses his superpowers to figure out that since the e-mail that they retrieved said “Pacific Time”, Gredenko, maybe, quite possibly, but not for sure, could be in Los Angeles. What are the odds of THAT? Bill tells Chloe to figure out how Gredenko go into the country.

2:03 pm – Chloe sees Morris come in, and says she’s drilled that he’s there; she stops herself, says, “Thrilled! I mean thrilled!”, and a woman takes Morris in the back to have his arm looked at before Chloe can apologize.

2:04 pm – A large group of CTU tactical guys come in with Jack, stunning all the extras that are in CTU. Bill tells Jack that Gredenko and Fayed have been in contact with each other, and Jack goes to talk to his father for more info. On the way there, Chloe thanks him for saving Morris, and that she’s really glad that Fayed didn’t kill Jack. Jack says he’s glad about that too, since if he was dead Chloe would be standing there talking to thin air. Jack thanks Chloe.

2:07 pm – Jack’s dad is busy going through all of Gray’s stuff, deleting cell phone messages, going through his wallet, and generally getting rid of any evidence, since someone at CTU seems to have forgotten that might have been important. Jack walks in and apologizes for killing Gray, but says he had to because he wasn’t scheduled to be in any more episodes. Jack asks about Gredenko, and his father tells Jack everything Jack already knows, and then rubs it in about Gray some more. Jack’s father is one sweet guy.

2:08 pm – Chloe goes to check on Morris, and his doctor is a woman that was a blond officer from Star Fleet headquarters in Next Generation! Chloe doesn’t notice this continued Star Trek coincidence, probably because she now has brown hair instead of blonde, and goes to see Morris. Morris is pretty down on himself, about programming the arming device and all, and despite Chloe reassuring him, he’s still pretty upset.

2:11 pm – Cell phone reception inside the concrete walls of CTU is still amazingly good, because Jack’s dad makes a phone call to Carson. That company he started must be pretty darn important (I’m thinking Microsoft), because Jack’s dad wants to be sure that Gredenko doesn’t implicate him in anything that’s happened so far, so he wants Gredenko dead. You’d think that with everything that happened the last few years, CTU would have technology to actually monitor what’s happening INSIDE CTU. I think Jack’s father is just mad that his phone isn’t as cool as Jack’s.

2:12 pm – Jack tells Bill that his father doesn’t know anything more than they do. Bill uses a lot of nonsense technical jargon to explain that Milo figured out that the e-mail originated from a local network, and that one day, if they’re lucky, Milo might know ten percent of what Chloe does.

2:14 pm – Jack starts to leave, and Bill tells him that he’s been on YouTube and saw what happened while Gray was being interrogated. He says that Digg has already gotten 3000 hits on it, probably because Jack exceeded protocols.

2:15 pm – Jack’s pretty mad about what happened, and tells Bill that he really really didn’t mean to kill Gray. Bill offers to cover up the whole thing, and Jack says there won’t be a tarp big enough after today is over. He convinces Bill to submit the report as is, and to tell the truth. Bill asks why he’s talking about game shows at a time like this.


2:20 pm – Wayne is personally working on the speech that Assad wrote, since they’re really low on staff. The evil vice president Noah calls Wayne while Assad is in the room. Noah really wants to detain people and the cabinet wants it done too. Wayne says he doesn’t care if the coffee table wants it, he won’t do it. Noah points out that Assad has been a pretty bad guy. Noah plays the “I brought experience to this candidacy” card, Wayne blows him off after the vent.

2:22 pm – Assad points out that Wayne that with everyone against him, and this being an obvious foreshadowing technique used previously in the show, things might go badly for Wayne.

2:23 pm – Speaking of going badly, Lennox goes into a room marked “High Voltage” where we find Reed’s office. Reed says that they moved him down here after they took his red stapler away. He also tells Lennox that many people like him want to do what’s best for the country. Lennox asks what he means by that, and Reed dances around what he’s talking about by using euphemisms. Reed also uses a bunch of clichés, which seem to convince Lennox. Reed says he wants to know President Wayne’s itinerary when Assad makes his speech, which makes Lennox uncomfortable. Reed says he’s not the architect of the plan and that he’s just a conduit. Lennox says he’s acting like he’s a sump pump, but goes along with whatever the plan is.


2:31 pm – Jack goes to talk to Marilyn who still doesn’t seem to be very upset. She nearly thanks Jack for doing it! Josh does some of his best acting here, completely off camera. Jack mentions that they’re looking for a Russian, and Marilyn gets a weird look on her face. Jack’s Bauer-sense tingles and realizes that Marilyn knows more than she’s saying, so he takes her to a different room.

2:33 pm – Jack’s father is STILL creeping around CTU, and it’s clear that no one is bothering him because he’s wearing an “I’m Jack Bauer’s Dad” badge. He sees Jack and Marilyn go off into another completely secure room with glass doors that no one could possible see through to read lips. Marilyn says she followed Graham one night to see where he was going, and it turns out that he wasn’t a crime fighter by night, but was meeting at a house with some Russians. Jack convinces her that they can retrace the steps back to the house.

2:35 pm – Jack ASKS PERMISSION from Bill to follow up on a lead! Clearly, the days in that Chinese prison have taken their toll. The old Jack wouldn’t have asked permission!

Jack’s father goes to Marilyn and asks what she and Jack were talking about, and she tells him everything. She asks Jack’s dad to watch Josh.

Bill is going to send Milo out into the field with Jack! Milo is in the background kicking and screaming, because he’s heard what happens to “people out in the field with Jack” before. Some of the CTU extras try to give him a going away cake, but he doesn’t even look at it.

Marilyn tells Josh to stay with Jack’s dad. Jack’s dad tells her that Josh will be “safer” with him, which is an odd definition of the word “safer”. Marilyn tells Bill that Josh and his grandfather are going back home, and Jack notices his father doing a creepy Norman Bates stare from the next room.

2:36 pm – Jack’s father calls Carson and asks for a “secure house” in LA. Carson tells him the most “secure house” in LA isn’t in LA, but agrees to try and find one anyway.


2:43 pm – Chloe tells Morris the status of the plot so far, and tells him to get back to work. Morris doesn’t fall for this, and starts to make Chloe mad. She slaps him, and when he asks why she did that, she says it’s because she doesn’t have her taser with her. She tells him to quit feeling sorry for himself, and get back to work.

2:44 pm – Jack and Marilyn drive to the house, and Milo has set up at a safe distance six blocks behind, where he’s pretty sure that he can’t get hurt.

Marilyn notices Jack’s hand makeup, starts to talk about China, which makes Jack uncomfortable. She starts to ask about why Jack didn’t want to go work for his father, but joined the military instead.

2:45 pm – Marilyn gets a phone call. It’s Philip, Jack’s dad. Philip wants to talk a bit, and mentions that if Marilyn takes Jack to that house, Josh is going to get hurt. Oh, and that he killed Gray. And made Jack feel bad about it. Now he wants her to call him “Susan”! Ok, this guy is getting weird, even for “24”. He tells her to go to a new address (not the Russian’s house), where some sort of exciting plot twist is going to happen. Susan threatens to kill Josh if she doesn’t do it.

2:47 pm – Susan gets back into his car and tells Josh they’re going to a hotel.

Jack and Marilyn drive right by Gredenko’s house, and Marilyn nearly tells Jack what Susan just said, but doesn’t. Jack’s Bauer-sense doesn’t go off. She points to the street where Susan told her to go, and Jack tells Milo the location.

2:48 pm – Gredenko wants to know how long it’s going to take to program the nuclear bombs, and the guy doing the programming is clearly not a Morris or Chloe because it’s going to take him twenty minutes to re-program the new targets. Gredenko says that they’re going to get revenge for losing the Cold War, and that Fayed and company will take the blame.


2:53 pm – On a television monitor at CTU, they sneak in another shot of that expensive nuclear bomb cloud special effect as Bill goes to talk to Chloe about the location of the house Marilyn pinpointed. Chloe every astutely realizes that the new location is a mile away from where Jack and Marilyn were just looking, but forgets this when she sees Morris walk back in towards the computers.

2:54 pm – Another person who deserves a bit more credit for realizing what’s going on is Josh, who tells his grandfather Susan that everyone keeps treating him like a “stupid little kid”. Susan asks why Joshikins would say something like that, which Josh doesn’t like. Susan does what people like that do, and keeps lying about what’s going on to Josh.

2:55 pm – Marilyn points out the house that Susan wanted them to go to. They drive around back, and we see that Milo has been riding in a very non-descript large UPS truck. They all get out and start getting ready to storm the house as Marilyn tries to talk to Jack, but everyone’s so busy they ignore her. Marilyn and Milo stand further away, for safety, behind a sturdy chain link fence.

2:56 pm – They storm the house, see a bomb, and it explodes just as Jack dives through a window. Milo gets Marilyn back into the UPS van, and they start driving away, as we see some of the people that set the bomb driving after them. Milo does some really fancy driving, probably learned during his stint with the UPS NASCAR races. The bad guys chase after the truck, which crashes. Lots of machine gun fire, and Milo pulls a grenade pin to blow up the truck, as he and Marilyn try and run for it. The truck blows up with most of the packages inside, but this doesn’t faze the bad guys because they go running after Milo and Marilyn.

Jack calls for any agents around, sees the truck, and calls for an EMT.

3:00 pm – Time’s up!


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  2. Would it kill the “24” people to actually state what actor plays who? The website gives some people, but who plays “Gredenko”?

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