Smoke Monster vs. “The Box”

spoilers ahead

I’d been running under the assumption that The Smoke Monster is something that has been manifesting itself as various people and creatures this whole time, but now I have to wonder.

If Locke’s father really popped out of “The Box” Ben was talking about, did Kate’s horse too? What about Jack’s Dad, when Jack saw him? (I’m not sure I’m ready for Jack’s Dad, the Zombie version).

Or was this all the smoke monster? The episode where Eko died had his brother running around, and shortly afterward he ended up dying because of the smoke monster.

Any thoughts on this? Smoke monster? The Box? Something else?

3 thoughts on “Smoke Monster vs. “The Box””

  1. Something to keep in mind here is the title of last night’s episode: “The man from Tallahassee”. Remember, Ben told Tom to get “the man from Tallahassee”. We never saw him get anyone (I think we suspected it would be Sawyer, atleast I did) being fetched.

    However, after the ep ended, I realized that Locke’s father WAS that man from Tallahassee. So the ep title pointed at him for a reason, and I think you’re right about this being a core feature of the island, possibly the smoke monster. I highly doubt that Locke’s father would wind up on this island otherwise.

    BTW, I think there’s a chance that, if it hasn’t been discussed before, Sawyer and Locke’s dad have a connection somewhere…

  2. Yeah, I’m still trying to get my head around how they got Locke’s father on the island. It could be as simple as they kidnapped him and got him there before the hatch blew up, because they needed leverage.

    Back last May, I wrote about the possible connection between Sawyer and Locke’s father, and I still think that’s true. Sawyer will probably end up killing him too.

  3. A friend of mine noticed that the brand of Scotch that Locke’s father drank was the same as Penny’s father (I forget his name) and, later on, Desmond.

    You can’t see it here unfortunately; I’m going to go back and review my HD broadcast capture.

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