LOST: Season Finale predictions

I wrote this last night, and I’m getting this posted before tonight’s episode so we can see how close or really far off I am on these predictions.

The promos for LOST that have been running over the past week make it sound like tonight’s episode is going to be pretty big, and it probably will be. Will we find out everything we want to know…..Well, of course not…. Have you been watching LOST? They never do that.
So, what might they tell us?

Flight 815

From the promos, we’ll find out how and why flight 815 was taken down. There have been many theories about this, but my theory is that some of the people on that flight were guided there, on purpose, by people associated with The Hanso Foundation/Dharma. The best evidence of this is Claire, when the “psychic” (who turns out to be a fake, by his own admission) told her that she had to get on that particular plane, and even bought the plane ticket for her. I think this was done because Dharma bought the plane ticket, telling the “psychic” to get Claire on that plane. Why would they do this?

Well, if you recall, Claire backed out of an adoption at the last minute. Whether the people that were going to adopt Claire’s baby were part of Dharma is unclear (I think they were), but what is clear is that someone really REALLY wanted her on that plane. If Hanso/Dharma had some kind of weapon or method of getting people onto that island, that would be a good way of ensuring they got the child.

Now, how could the plane get so off course in order to actually get it near the island so the break up of the plane could occur? Either sabotage the instruments or, what’s more likely to me, is have a Hanso/Dharma pilot take them off course.

How did the plane break up? Sure there was a lot of turbulence, but enough to break up a whole plane? I’m sure many of you have been on REALLY bumpy airline rides, but I’ve never heard of a plane breaking up just out of turbulence. This leaves a couple of possibilities: 1) There was a bomb on board that detonated at the right moment or 2) The plane was brought down by some kind of weapon on the island. The magnetic field studies that Hanso does (read The Hanso Foundation website if you don’t know what I’m talking about) could have generated some kind of technique or weapon to do something like that. Remember, we only saw the tail section crash. We never actually saw the middle part of the plane crash; we saw the aftermath.

The Button in the Hatch

The promos and last couple of episodes on this have Locke doubting the whole “press the button every 108 minutes” task, Eko buying into it (which is a pretty neat reversal of roles). From the promos, it even looks like Locke is going to smash the computer to make sure no one presses that thing. I think this is a HUGE mistake.

Why do I think that? “The Incident” that “Dr. Candle” referred to in the “Orientation” movie they saw in the Hatch made it pretty clear that they needed to press that button. Dr. Candle had one arm in that film. In the video tape shown in the Observation Hatch, he had both his arms. Also recall that the portion of the film that was missing (and that Eko found in another hatch) said to be sure to NOT use the computer to communicate with anyone else.

If the pressing the button were all a hoax, why would that part of the film strip have been removed? I think it was because someone wanted people to stop pressing the button. If the thing that triggered the first “incident” to happen was communicating to other people on the computer, maybe causing that to happen again would trigger another “incident”.

What’s going to happen? I think if the timer actually goes down to zero, the blast doors are going to go down again, and someone, probably Locke, is going to get stuck behind there, and we’re not going to find out what happens to him until next season. One of the problems with this theory is that Henry wanted to convince Locke that nothing would happen if the timer reached zero. Why would he do that, if he knew something bad was going to happen?

Sawyer and Locke

It’s pretty weird that Locke’s father, used some “con man” terms in a recent episode. Sawyer is looking for a con man and I think he could be looking for Locke’s Father.

Who was Christian looking for?

When Ana Lucia and Christian were in Austrialia, Christian went to someone’s door to try and talk to her. Who was he trying to contact?
My theory about that is he was trying to contact someone associated with Dharma in some way, and since I’m going way out on a limb here, I think he was trying to get to Claire.

Dharma’s really interested in Walt. They’re also really interested in that baby. They even, strangely enough, took blood from Michael when he was brought to camp in last week’s episode. Has Hanso/Dharma been trying to enduce the characteristics that Walt has into other people? Claire might have been part of a big experiment that Dharma was conducting, and the result of that experiment was her baby. Christian might have gone there to warn her. Recall that we really don’t know what exactly happened to Christian; Jack found his wallet in his room which was pretty odd. If Dharma caught wind of what he was doing, they might have killed him for that.

Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Hurley

Why do The Others want them to come with Michael? What’s the relationship?

For a far out guess, I’m going to say that they’re all related because they’re all “first generation” children of Dharma or have parents that were involved with Hanso/Dharma in some way.

Sawyer’s father was a con-man (who Hanso/Dharma might be using to con folks, like Claire); Kate’s father is in the military (who could be involved with The Hanso Foundation because of it’s military weapons background); Jack’s father was a doctor (who could have been helping Hanso/Dharma with medical experiments); Hurley’s father….well, we have no idea about him.

Anyway….those are just some thoughts about the finale. We’ll see how close or far off they are.

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  1. Having missed the past five or so episodes of LOST, I am just dizzy reading your summary/predictions. Thanks, Steve.

  2. has anyone else realised that the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 add up to 108, the same number of minutes the number must be pushed?!

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