Lost Spoilers: One of Us

Don’t read any further unless you’ve seen this week’s Lost episode: “One of Us”.


That was quite an episode. Many questions answered and some new one questions posed (as usual).

The biggest question is what has Juliette been sent to the camp to do? The obvious question is “Get Sun”. Perhaps Claire is of no use to The Others because she was already pregnant before she got onto the island.

The second biggest question to me was: Why the heck is Juliette still playing along with what’s going on? She REALLY wants to leave the island, but that was thwarted by Locke when he blew up the sub. Right before The Others left their housing complex, Ben sat down with Juliette to go over the plan, which she readily went along with. Has she been promised another “You get to leave the island if you do this” promise?

Other questions:

If no one on that island can get cancer (assuming that’s what the tumor was), why did Ben get them? Supposedly this “Jacob” can cure cancer… Why has he let Ben contract it?

Was Claire injection just a placebo, or a continuation of the experiment?

Why was the newspaper dated Sept. 22, when the plane crash occurred on Sept. 24? Is the island really phase-shifted in time, and out of sync with the rest of the world?

More posts later….

4 thoughts on “Lost Spoilers: One of Us”

  1. Did the injection really reverse it, or would it have gone away on it’s own? I wasn’t clear about that.

  2. The crash was on 9/22/2004. That’s the day the Pilot first aired. The date in Expose 9/24/2004 was wrong though TPTB have not yet admitted it. 9/24/2004 was a Friday, not a Thursday like the paper in Expose said.

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