LOST: Why the Black Rock and Eko’s Plane are on the Island

From the time we saw the Black Rock, we’ve wondered how in the heck something like that could have gotten into the middle of the island. The same question comes up when you think about Eko’s Plane. How could it have gotten SO off course that that it made it to the South Pacific all the way from Africa?

You know how? I think it’s because the islands are moving around, or they might even be time shifting. In fact, if you go back far enough, the continents did shift around a lot, so the time shifting idea makes even more sense.

That would explain the reason that Ben and The Others say once you leave you won’t be able to get back.

4 thoughts on “LOST: Why the Black Rock and Eko’s Plane are on the Island”

  1. I realize you wrote this before “One of Us”

    But if you can’t return to the island, how did Juliette get there in the submarine? And if they are phasing in and out of time and space, they wouldn’t be able to communicate with specific frequencies on the outside or get international cable.

    One more question, unrelated to the above: was Alex born on the island? If so, why didn’t Rousseau die? Or was she conceived before they were marooned?

  2. I wrote that after “One of Us”, actually. It was late for me though. 🙂

    My theory is they can’t get back to now because the method they had been using (whatever mechanism The Hatch was) enabled them to find it. I believe Ben said in one of the last couple of shows that once they’re gone, they won’t be able to get back again. That might have been said just to Jack, but I believe he meant that it’ll be really hard for anyone to find the island now.

    It also fits in with the plane having crashed on 9/24, while the newspaper from last episode was dated 9/22.

    That’s a great observation about Alex; the only explanation is what you just said… She must have conceived before they were marooned.

  3. If it was one day, perhaps because of the International Dateline, but not two.

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