Lost Theories: Sun’s pregnancy

SPOILERS: Don’t read further if you haven’t seen the Lost episode: “One of Us”.

This is a quick one:

I think a lot of people up to this point have assumed that Sun’s pregnancy was due to mysterious island powers that somehow “fixed” Sun and Jin so they could have a baby.

After tonight’s episode, I think it’s entirely possible that whatever experiment Juliette has been doing on other women on the island has been done to Sun.

4 thoughts on “Lost Theories: Sun’s pregnancy”

  1. It makes sense that Juliette may have been sent for Sun, especially because she is pregnant. But it hasn’t been established whether she got pregnant on the island, has it?

  2. The 4/25 episode is supposed to be Jin/Sun centered – it’s called D.O.C. – possibly Date of Conception? I read that it would probably clear up when and with whom the conception occurred.

    Of course, with this show, any answers just lead to 10 more questions, so….

  3. Juliette said that Claire was the first woman who was able to give birth on the island. I think this is incorrect. Didn’t Rousseau also give birth to Alex??

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