LOST: Question about the “good” people

This has been bugging me for a while now.

The Others made a list of all the “good” people, and took the ones they could. We have a pretty clear picture of why most of them were taken.

Why wasn’t Hurley taken? Or Bernard? Or Rose? They all seem pretty “good” to me. Was it just that the others didn’t have an opportunity to grab them, or does “good” really mean, “good candidates”.

As in: Good candidates for experiments?

Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “LOST: Question about the “good” people”

  1. I think “good” is more a moralistic thing. Patchy said that all those who weren’t on the list were FLAWED people. The smoke monster seems to be judging the islanders. It offered Eko the chance to repent for his sins but when he refused it killed him.

    In last weeks episode Juliet told Sawyer and Sayid that they can’t judge anybody and that the last thing they needed was more blood on their hands – perhaps a warning to them both that they are already doomed for being “bad” people. Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass…..

  2. The most logical explanation is Ethan’s failure to complete the list. Perhaps Ben intended to finish it himself during his Henry Gale period, but he was only exposed to Jack, Locke, Sayid, Ana and very incidentally Kate and Charlie. I think this is also Juliet’s primary week-long mission. The pregnancy question would be a secondary mission.

    I don’t think that the Others have video surveillance of the beach camp and they need someone on the beach to evaluate all those people who never went to the Hatch. They may even just need their names to compare to their files pulled by Mikhail.

    After the most recent Juliet episode, I thought “good” might relate to her research, but in re-watching The Other 48 Days, most of the people taken from the Tail Section were men, so that doesn’t seem to be a correct answer.

  3. I also think they meant “good” in some sort of moral sense — but with this crowd the definition of good might be a little twisted. But in watching the last Kate-centric episode I wondered whether Kate wasn’t “worthy” because she killed her father or because she did not seek forgiveness.

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