LOST commentary: Catch-22


That show started off with a real bang, er… maybe “twang” is a better word, and ended a bit predictably. There wasn’t much of a story advancement, but we did find out some interesting things:

1) It’s been at least one day of the “week” Juliette is spending on the beach. If you recall from last week’s episode, Ben told Juliette he’d see her in a week.

2) Penelope sent that woman out to search for Desmond. Now, how the heck the woman got out of a helicopter (if that’s what it was) without being ripped to pieces, I have no idea. I will say that the scene where it aircraft went down and the parachute opened was REALLY hard to see, even with a picture from a satellite dish. Maybe I need to get HDTV soon.

Anyway, we know that it was Penelope that sent her because she was carrying a copy of the picture that only Desmond and Penelope have. She should have some information about how she found the island. She’s probably Brazilian too, judging by the copy of the book she was carrying.

3) Desmond was engaged before he met Penelope, and he’s been casting around trying to figure out what to do with his life even before meeting her.

4) Charlie is still in deep trouble. I doubt he’ll make it until the end of the season.

5) In that picture on the monk’s desk: I’ve already said that’s the same lady that tried to sell Desmond the ring, only to turn around and refuse, and then told Desmond all about what his fate was going to be on the island.

The monk is in that picture next to her. Is that the monk’s mother? Sister?

6) Helicopters don’t have that great of a range. Where did it come from? A ship waiting out in the water somewhere?