LOST: A Secret War?

Some spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen D.O.C. yet, don’t read further!

If you’ve read the spoilers below, or read them on another site, you’ll already know that the pilot told Mikhail, “I am not alone”, which certainly seemed to surprise him.

What did she mean by that? She wouldn’t necessarily tell him that there were more people on the helicopter just for his information. I mean, why would it matter so much to her when she knew that she was dying that she needed to tell him something like that? It doesn’t make sense.

What does make a lot more sense is that she’s telling him there are more people like her out there, and that she told him that to scare him. We’ve seen scenes like that in other shows and in the movies. If you think you’re dying, tell the enemy that there are more people out there, and they’re coming.

I think it’s likely there is another group of people (Other “Others”?) that have been trying to find this island, and they’re going to continue to search until they can find it.

The type of gear the pilot was wearing, particularly the helmet and mask, make me think this might be some sort of military operation, or at the very least, they’re treating it like one.

I think this definitely ties into the reason The Others have been trying to keep women from dying when they’re pregnant, but I’ll leave that for a follow up posting that I’ll make later today.

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  1. I’m with you, that is a weird thing to say (“I’m not alone”) but was it a warning, a threat, a shred of hope? Is she a saviour, a hunter, another victim or another recruit, or is this just a test?

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