Tonight’s Lost Episode: The Brig

I’m writing this about 6:30 central time, so Lost is a couple of hours away.

From the previews last week, Locke says that he’s not able to do something, and is trying to get one of The Others to do it.

Since Locke just saw his father, could this finally be the tie-in to the con artist that Sawyer has been looking for?

Could Sawyer (well, and the rest of us) finally find out that he’s Locke’s half-brother? (update: I’m brain dead… I keep thinking that Sawyer was looking for his father, when he was just looking for the con-man. This is at least the second time I made that mistake….sorry!).

Locke has been on the wrong end of a lot of things he thought would work out for him.   If he gets Sawyer to do something (say, like kill their father), is this going to be yet another thing that goes wrong for Locke?   Ben’s pretty good at manipulating people.  Is it going to be something that Ben gets to hold over his head?

Any last minute bets?

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Lost Episode: The Brig”

  1. Hmmm….interesting. I dunno. I have to admit I’ve never entertained the possibility of Locke and Sawyer being related…

    I’m not sure what Locke has been up to…but I’m game!

  2. And I’m wrong… they aren’t related. I keep making this mistake.

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