The book is coming out soon, so here are my top five predictions about things that happen in “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

#5 – Harry is Not a Horcrux

There are a lot of people that think that Harry himself is a Horcrux, but I just don’t see that happening. Voldemort wouldn’t have accidentally created a Horcrux into someone he was attempting to kill.

#4 – Hermoine and Ron Get Married

This, I think is easy: Hermoine and Ron end up together in the epilogue and get married. I think it’s likely that Hermoine ends up as head of Hogwarts, and Ron becomes a famous Quidditch player.

#3 – Harry Becomes an Auror

I think everything about the way Harry has been acting in all of the books point to this being his eventual destiny. He’s tracked down and exposed the bad guys at every turn, and when the Death Eaters disperse after Voldemort is gone, someone’s going to be tracking them down. Who better than Harry, even if he doesn’t have the high marks for it?

#2 – Hagrid and One of the Wesley Family Both Die

As much as I hate to see more long time characters die, I think that Hagrid won’t survive until the end of the series. I think he’ll end up attempting to protect Harry, and he’ll end up dead because of it.

The Wesley family is pretty big, but one of them dying will have a devastating effect on the family. I think it’ll end up being Molly, or one of the twins.

#1 – Snape Is Seeking Revenge On Voldemort

My prediction here has been one I’ve had for a long time now, namely that Snape has been doing everything he’s been doing in order to exact revenge on Voldemort of killing Lily Potter, whom he was in love with.

What? Where the heck did that come from? Well, there are some twists and turns in this explanation, so follow my logic here.

We know that Lily was one of (and probably the only) person that was nice to Snape while they were at school, and this probably did have an effect on Snape. In the chapter “Snape’s Worst Memory”, the scenes that Harry was were of Snape being humiliated in front of students at the school. This certainly could have been his worst memory, but the thing that stuck out to me in that chapter was the way he lashed out at Lily, someone he secretly was in love with. I think that, and not the humiliation was what made it his worst memory, since he probably felt that whatever chance he might have had with her was completely blown at that point.

Oh, and that “nasty boy” that Aunt Petunia refers to? I think that was Snape too.

When Voldemort went after the Potters, and killed them, I think that’s what set Snape on his path of revenge. A lot of people argue that Snape is “on the good side”, or “on the bad side”. Snape is on SNAPE’S side. Snape going to do whatever he can to get at Voldemort for killing the one person that showed him kindness, and that he was in love with.

Throughout all the books, various characters have mentioned that Harry had “Lily’s eyes”. This was always a reminder to everyone that Harry was Lily’s son, even to Snape. Harry’s existence is a reminder to him that James was the one that ended up with Lily, and it probably bothers him every time he sees Harry.

I think Dumbledore knew Snape was in love with Lily, and was the big secret that he never old anyone. He did allude to it when he told Harry that Voldemort never understood “love”. That’s both because of the protection that Lily gave Harry, and the path of revenge that Snape is now on. That’s going to completely blindside Voldemort. Whether Snape survives that or not is another question. I’m guessing he won’t, but it might be distraction enough to help Harry defeat Voldemort.

Have any predictions of your own? Add them in the comments section!

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8 thoughts on “My Top Five Predictions For “HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS””

  1. Brilliant post! The final prediction makes a lot of sense, and would certainly undermine greater themes of the series. I think that Snape will defeat Voldemort himself, and it will again be the force of Love that Voldemort will fail at. Would be a great way of rounding up.

  2. Well, I disagree about Harry not being a horcrux. Evidence points to him being one, so I’m sticking with that.

    Regarding Snape…interesting observation! However, I’m not completely sold on it as yet. Part of it revolves around whether Dumbledore is dead or not. Dumbledore trusted Snape, and I think that whatever Snape did, it was arranged. It seemed like Dumbledore pleaded with Snape, or gave him a signal or some sort, indicating Snape was to initiate something they planned. Even if Dumbledore knew that Snape wanted revenge, I doubt that would forgive Snape being part of the Deatheaters at a trial. There’s got to be something bigger, and I think it’s central to understanding why Dumbledore trusted Snape, which should also explain Dumbledore’s apparent death at Snape’s hand.

  3. Yes of course Ron and Hermione appear to be the ones who will get together in the end. But since when has Jo ever gone with the obvious? She hasn’t. Ron and Hermione’s ‘relationship’ is nothing more than elaborate Red Herring.

  4. Well you know the charm or whatever that enables you to switch bodies. well i think that sense snape loved lilly so much he switched bodies with harry’s dad so he could spend time with lilly. well after switching bodies voldemort kills lilly and snape. but snape is still in james body. so the real james is stuck in snapes body. I know it sounds really crazy. but its just a thought.

  5. I like the way you think about Snape and Lily. After all, they did have something in common… they both excelled in Potions. Every time Snape sees Harry, he has mixed emotions. On one hand, Harry is James’ son. On the other hand, Harry is Lily’s son. I do believe Dumbledore wanted Snape to “kill” him.. He could have used a non-verbal spell when he said the A-K curse, hitting him with a less powerful and less deadly spell instead. I could go on, but it’s your blog.

  6. *** SPOILER ALERT***


    Turns out my suspicions about Snape were correct, Dumbledore’s death was arranged. So it wasn’t out of revenge against Voldemort, but to protect Harry…still, almost spot on in that prediction! 🙂

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