Heroes: Landslide

Spoilers ahead – Don’t read this if you haven’t seen “Landslide”

Another good episode of Heroes, which went off in a couple of directions that I didn’t expect, mainly that two of the bad guys, Linderman and Thompson both died! I expected that in the finale, and maybe not even then. That was a surprise. Especially how Linderman died.

I didn’t particularly like the way the whole Jessica/Niki thread resolved itself, and frankly, I never really liked that character that much either. The actress, Ali Larter does a great job, but the character seems so out of place with the rest of the show.

Next Monday is finale night! Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Any guesses for how it’s going to end? My guess is that Syler will indeed blow up, but Peter will grab him and fly off with him before he can explode. Peter will survive because of the powers he gained from Claire.

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