Heroes: How To Stop An Exploding Man

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Nice wrap up for the show, and I came pretty close in with my prediction for what was going to happen, but I guessed that Peter would grab Sylar and fly off. Turns out that Nathan grabbed his brother, Peter, and flew off.

Whatever happens next, Sylar and Peter will be back.

So a couple of questions:

Did we ever see what Nathan and Peter’s mother’s power was?

What’s going to happen to Hiro? Is he actually the sword fighter he admired in the stories his father told him?

Who is the REALLY bad guy that Molly is afraid of? I’m not talking about Sylar. I’m talking about the guy that can see Molly when she tries to find him?

And, why was Sylar able to stop bullets but wasn’t able to stop Hiro from killing him?

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One thought on “Heroes: How To Stop An Exploding Man”

  1. I love the whole show, and the season was great. But the final fight between Peter and Sylar was a big let down. It could have been so much more, so much better.

    How about Peter going invisible and hitting Sylar from behind? How about Sylar using his super hearing to detect him coming? How about Hiro stopping time to insert the sword? (Without doing that, Sylar should have been able to stop Hiro.) How about Peter absorbing a new ability from Sylar and not knowing how to deal with it?

    Like I said, it could have been so much better.

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