Who Is Going To Die Next Before The End of The Season?

OK, we have a couple of hours until the next episode of “Lost”, “Greatest Hits”, airs, and I got to thinking. A few people are supposed to die in the final episode. Probably a few in this upcoming episode too. My bets?


Sawyer finally did what he wanted to do a couple of episodes ago, and killed the real “Sawyer”. The main thing he has at stake on the island now is his relationship with Kate. You can bet that if push came to shove and the camp was attacked, or Kate came within harm’s way, Sawyer will be there to try and save her. If that does happen, I don’t think he’ll survive.

Charlie’s luck has run out. Desmond isn’t going to be able to save him every time he cheats fate, and there are going to be a lot of opportunities to die coming up.

I hope that whoever dies, the writers make it a meaningful death, and not just a random shot. Those are shocking and have impact, but they always leave a “that was useless” feeling.


Mikhail nearly died once, but since the fence wasn’t set on full power, he didn’t die. I think he WANTS to die at this point, since he even thanked Locke for it when he got pushed in the first place.

That leaves Ben, Juliet, Richard and Tom. We really don’t know any of the other “Others”.

Juliet is still important, because she holds the key to helping the pregnant women on the island.

Richard was just revealed as one of the original “Others”, so I doubt he’ll be going any time soon.

That leaves Tom and Ben.

I like Tom’s character a lot, but since he doesn’t have anything compelling going on with the story right now, I think he’s a goner.

That leaves Ben.

I’m really on the fence about Ben. On the one hand, there’s probably a lot more story to tell, and there’s a nice conflict brewing between Locke and Ben. Yes, I think Locke will be OK, despite the bullet to the gut last week. Now, on the other hand, someone (or, after last week…. something) might want to get rid of Ben, realizing that Locke might be the one they were really hoping to get put in charge of things. If he does die, I think it’s pretty likely it’ll be at the hands of Locke. That will put Locke in the predicament of how to deal with Jacob, and what’s really happening on the island.

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  1. How come you didn’t include Alex and Carl in that list? I don’t necessarily see Alex dying before meeting her mother — especially since she already at least suspects Ben is not her father. But other than the puppy eye thing, Carl is useless, no? (I’m sorry, I’m a little bitter…)

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