Last Minute Lost Thoughts

  • I sure hope that the island they’re on isn’t “Atlantis”.
  • There are going to be a few (maybe more than a few) 815ers that get killed off tonight, and I’ll be sorry to see them go. Bernard, Jin, Sayid, Charlie, and maybe Sawyer are up on that chopping block… At least that’s my guess. All good characters. I think it’s also possible that Danielle will end up dying, but the only way I can see that happening is that she would sacrifice herself to save Alex.

    My guess that at least one of those deaths is going to be pretty abrupt too, basically just walking up and killing someone with no advanced warning. That would make the loss of that character just that much worse.

  • I know a few people brought up the whole “virtual reality” idea, I’m still not seeing how the writers can plausibly explain it. I’m still going for the “Lost in Time” theory.
  • I think that somehow, the people on that plane were all put there for a reason. Who, and how…. no idea.