The Crash of Flight 815 And Why The Island Can’t Be Found

Wednesday night is the big LOST finale, so I thought I’d toss this theory into the mix:

When Naomi finally woke up enough to talk, she told Hurley that the passengers on Flight 815 died, and the wreckage was found. There’s no reason to think that she would be lying about something like that. I think they really did find the crash site of Flight 815, and that everyone on board died. And I bet if they recovered the wreckage, they would actually find the bodies of everyone that was on Flight 815 when it hit the water.

What? Does that mean that I think that the 815ers are in hell, purgatory, or are just a dream?

Not at all. I think this ties in with the whole mystery of why the island can’t be found, at least not easily.

I think the island is out of phase with the regular time line.

Think about this for a minute. If Flight 815 is about to crash, and it happens to be near an island that is out of phase with time, what could happen? I think that the timeline got disrupted so that the plane crashed on the island, and simultaneously another copy of the plane crashed into the water.

Two planes, different, but the same plane, just split because of the time distortion on the island. A time distortion like that would also explain why it’s so difficult for anyone to pinpoint where the island is. If the island is out of phase with the rest of reality, I don’t think anyone would be able to see it. They’d probably be able to pass over it, or even through it without knowing it was even there, because it really isn’t. It’s caught between cracks in time.

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  1. Unfortunately, while I’ve thought about the same thing, I think it’s not going to hold up. The producers have said that the primary reasoning behind how things work/why things are is not science fiction. If the realm of possibility was open, then this would be my primary theory.

    Also, wouldn’t the crash site have been near Naomi’s ship? What about the fact that the guy in Australia/New Zealand/wherever heard the radio broadcasts of the numbers?

  2. The producers have reiterated during several interviews in the last 3 years that the explanation will be based on real science — though those guys lie a lot!

    Mom says that all respect dur to the space/time continuum, she is convinced that they are all in a virtual reality experiment.

  3. The smoke monster would be a good counter example for the “not science fiction” argument, since that’s not based on any reality. Unless it’s nanotech, but they’ve already discounted that in a podcast.

    The super-fast healing is another counter-example.

    The virtual reality experiment seems to be possible, but man, that’s going to upset a lot of people if it’s true. It sure would be a weird way of telling a story if it’s true though, since they had all the flashbacks to what “The Others” are doing. If the whole story were just from the perspective of the 815ers, then I could buy into that VR idea. It’s harder to believe because of what they’ve done showing Dharma and “The Others”.

    Maybe it is a “Truman Show” style experiment, but I hope not.

  4. But maybe the Dharma initiative isn’t quite as dead as we all assume and the Others are part of the experiemtn and don’t quite know it… It’s entirely possible that some of those flashbacks are implanted memories, their purpose part of the mystery.

  5. I think the VR idea strongly supports one of the earliest questions from the show: how does one survive a plane crash from that height?

    Y’know, they almost universally have father issues…maybe they’re all insane, all in an asylum where these types of things, in extreme cases, are worked out, and that’s why they’re all here, together. Doesn’t explain group hallucinations…well, anyway…moving on…

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