LOST Season Finale



Sure, more unanswered questions, but a very interesting ending.

Some random thoughts:

First, I think the person in the coffin was Ben.

The thing that really popped out at me was that Jack said to the doctor at the hospital to go check his father. If that really was the current story time line, wouldn’t he have known his father was dead and not made a comment like that?

What was Naomi doing with that picture if Penny didn’t send the ship?

Speaking of Penny, how the heck did she know to try that frequency to reach the Looking Glass station?

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  1. Way too much information to process in just a couple of hours, but pretty awesome ep! Good catch on the Jack comment about his father — unless he was just being pedantic (even dead and drunk, Christian is still drunker,
    so :-p).

    Since they made a point to mention space/time, I think you may have an excellent point with the “Lost in Time” theory. I wonder if this means next season will *all* be flashback to explain what happened — who stayed behind, who rescued them, how did they explain 815ers still alive, etc…

  2. I think it would be neat if they had the “present” be on the island as they wait for rescue and then they do flashforwards instead until the 2 timelines come together to help us fill in the gaps.

  3. There’s a ton more questions generated by this ep:

    – Yep, I wondered about the comment about his father. I think it more raises the question of “is Jack’s father really dead?”
    – Why did the airline give them free passes for life? This makes it seem like the airline thinks it wasn’t their fault… (This assumes Naomi was telling the truth, still…)
    – I’m not inclined to think that was Ben’s funeral…but Rose’s. I think Jack would feel a lot more guilty for getting Rose off the island…and away from it’s healing powers…and unable to get back…allowing her cancer to return and she dies as a result. It also fits with the urban neighborhood that the funeral home appeared to be in.
    – As a guess, I think Naomi’s ship is probably part of the original Hanso Foundation, and their efforts to take the island back. Naomi having the picture…well..I dunno.
    – Something to point out is that Widmore Enterprises (or whatever it’s name is) was connected to the Hanso Foundation via Gary Troup’s book last year. This could explain why the ship would be in the appropriate area, and how Penny may have the right frequency.

    More thoughts will come out later…I really liked the ep…wish we could have seen more of Jacob. Unless Jacob = Mikhail…since Mikhail can’t seem to be killed.

  4. All good points.

    I briefly thought it was Rose’s funeral, but that would mean she ended up in LA, not in New York, which is where (I think) she and Bernard are from. It also would mean that she had to have a major falling out with Jack, if he didn’t consider her a friend (the funeral director said, “Friend or Family”).

    Not saying that didn’t happen though, because it is an excellent point about the cancer and would fit, especially with how guilty he seems to feel.

  5. Rose was middle class and from NY, I somehow doubt she would have ended up in a crappy neighborhood in Los Angeles. It would be more likely that it’s Locke who was forced off the island and probably ended up killing himself (and would be neither friend nor family to Jack and, owing to his “erratic” behavior, of no concern to Kate).

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